November 21, 2010

Gettin' Crafty...NOT

So my friend Tiffany is amazingly crafty and has mad skillz too! She is always doing something new...I swear her brain must go a mile a minute! She posted on her website some rag wreaths that she made so I decided to make one. They looked simple enough and me not having the crafty skillz was daring enough to try.

What she didn't tell you is it takes FOREVER to cut the fabric and then you have to tie EVERY SINGLE RAG onto that ring. And if you are patient enough to include your kids then it takes you 5 hours instead of 2. I made for me and one for my mom BUT that will probably be the only time I ever do that.

I think I will leave the crafts to the professionals and I will stick to building forts, baking cookies and playing princess with my kids!

October 27, 2010

Halloween Parade

Laney's preschool had their halloween parade today and it was so much fun watching all these little people dressed up parading around. Half the kids were actually walking and the other half were wandering around. It was cute! Check out my little lady bug!

October 26, 2010


Have you ever noticed that you have quirks or pet peeves or stuff that bothers you or stuff that you HAVE to do or the world will end? I have noticed that I have many but three stick out very loudly!

1. I dislike PA drivers (can't yield, drive in the left lane 10 mph below the speed limit and drive with their turn signals on for miles)

2. I wear my shoes in my house all day long...why do I do that when I love to be barefoot? I'm weird!

3. Every night before I go to bed I HAVE to put on a new pair of underwear! Even if I showered at 2 in the afternoon! I can't sleep in underwear that I have worn all day long!

Those are my top 3 what are yours?

October 21, 2010

The Little Things

It's amazing what a bag full of hats, scarves and gloves can do to my kids! They played for an hour and a half with them!

October 20, 2010


My parents decided to go on vacation to Florida for the week and have entrusted their 5th child to a sitter! They actually have a man staying at their house to watch him, feed him and play with him. This man works during the day so they have rallied us kids to come over during the day to play and love on him.

You see he is smart and knows that mommy & daddy are away and gets very sad and lonely. He is used to spending everyday all day with his daddy. So being the spoiled child that he is, he requires much attention! I had the privilege of spending 2 hours with him today, and he was so excited to see me that he knocked me over and jumped on me. He loves giving kisses and he gave me all he had!

Here are some pictures of him calm...that only lasted 2 minutes! Meet Harley, the 100 pound American Bulldog.

Kitchen remodel

Back in January my hubby knocked down the wall that separated the kitchen from the living/dining room. He added an island with a bar counter top, new counter tops, and back splash.

Sorry that there are no before pics....our computer crashed and we lost those pictures. Let me describe it to you. green laminate counter tops, white laminate back splash, and a big tan wall.

I am my hubby's biggest fan, I love his work even though it took him 8 months to complete it!!!

October 19, 2010

My awesome find

My hubby has been asking for leather couches since we bought our house 6 years ago but we just never had it in our budget. Every once in awhile I would look at different furniture stores in their clearance section but nothing was ever "that on sale" that we could afford.

A few weeks ago I found a leather sofa and love seat on Craigslist for $400 and I emailed the seller inquiring about them. I didn't hear back so I assumed they were sold. Well two days ago she emailed me back and told us they still had the set. I sent hubby over to look at them since they were for him and he loved them! He did admit to me that he was a little unsure at first because of how cheap they were but then he saw them he bought them right away!

The story behind them...two people fall in love, get married, have a hard time, get unmarried, meet new people, new woman doesn't want couch from old relationship, old couches get new home with Klingers for $350!!!!!

The ones we sold were olive green and they were free and great couches but losing support and the wood frame was starting to pop out through the material. They got a new home with a couple who just purchased their first home.

So here is our transformation of couches!

October 18, 2010

My Girl

I have to tell you that raising a strong, independent, outgoing, leader of a 4 year old has not been easy! And yes at times it's been quite difficult and not fun. BUT there are times when I see the light at the end of the tunnel and for a small brief minute I see breakthrough. I only kid...we have our good days too. They aren't all bad!!!

Some of my favorite times are when she looks up at me with lips puckered and says, "give me some love mommy." Or when I don't hear her and I go to investigate and find her lost in the land of make believe playing with her animals. Listening to her makes me realize just how much they pick up from your words spoken to them. She looks at her bunny and says, "what did mommy tell you about your attitude? Do you want to go to your room to change it or can it be changed now?" I just have to laugh at the way she says it....almost exactly like me!

My fondest times are when she has to tell me a secret and pulls me close to her and whispers "mommy I love you so much" I mean that just melts me to the core! Or when she asks me a million questions in the 5 minute car ride to the store. Her little mind at work trying to figure things out and wanting to learn how things work and why makes my day very interesting!

I love my girl and wouldn't change her one bit...I just hope I can raise her to be the great woman of God she is destined to be!

October 10, 2010

well, I can't be right all the time!

I used to think that sending a two year old to preschool was more for the parent's benefit than the child's. I say "used to" because I have changed my mind. Although I do enjoy the break from my toddler...he has benefited from it more than I have. He talks so much more and I can actually understand him. Before it was like he was speaking in tongues, almost like he received his prayer language before learning English.

He pooped on the potty within 2 weeks of going to school, he made friends and talks about them and loves going to school and leaving his mama...for a few hours. He runs over to his Diego book bag and screams with excitement...which melts my heart.

I have seen him change and become more social than ever before, although we are still working on the hitting and hording of toys! He loves to sit down with his little lunch box and lay all his food out and eat the good stuff first, leaving dessert for last.

I have to be honest and tell you that I have had to sacrifice a lot to send him but I am realizing that it is so worth it!!!

Flame of Change

Two years ago God began stirring my heart for a change. I had no idea what kind of change it would be or how exactly it would look like. I still to this day have no idea. I just know that I felt it was going to be a big change.

Over the last two years I have questioned whether or not I heard correctly from the Lord. I would have times of great faith and then I would wavier in doubt and disbelieve. Just when I began to give up hope, a couple visiting our church spoke a word over Dan and I and sparked the flame of change again!

I won't go into detail now but the word was dead on what God had spoken to me two years prior. God had confirmed to me that He was still there and had not forgotten what He spoke. The only thing my little mind can think of is that this change will be so big that we needed two years to prepare for it.

My heart has begun stirring again and so much lately that I am aching for a change. I am no longer content with where I am and need God to move mightily. I know He will in His timing but until He does, I am holding on to the words spoken over me!

October 9, 2010

I'm Back

Ok so taking 4 months off to adjust to life with 3 kids 4 and under...I'm back. And I decided to come back with a fluff post and then hit you with some hard stuff later. Amongst my friends I am known for fluff...I have perfected fluff.

Enough about fluff!!! I have an amazing friend who can do anything...and I mean ANYTHING! She is one of "those" people that picks up a hobby and masters it within minutes and does it with excellence. I admire here and look up to her. I did not know what I was getting myself into when God brought us together as friends but I truly could not live without her now!

So I tell you all this because she picked up a camera one day and mastered it the next! She has blessed me with family pictures and I will share with you her talent! Check her out...

May 24, 2010

36 weeks!!!

ALMOST there and I am so ready!!! I am feeling large and in charge but in all actuality I have only gained 5lbs. so far with this pregnancy. But in all fairness I was 30lbs. overweight before I got pregnant so I can't brag too much!

So I have no fun pictures to share with you so I will give you some random "loves" of mine!

1. I love love love drinking strawberry smoothies...but hate strawberries?!?!?!?!?!

2. I love cleaning my van...I swear I vacuum it twice a week!

3. I love girl time and cherish my girlfriends!

4. I love elastic waist bands!

5. I love that walking up and down my stairs 10 times a day is considered exercise when your pregnant!

6. I love giving birth and I am soooo excited that I get to do it soon!

7. I love decluttering my house so that I can buy more stuff to fill it!!!

8. I love sleeping kids...sometimes I go into their rooms 4 times a night just to watch them sleep! At what age will that seem creepy to them???

9. I love the fact that my hubby will do just about anything I ask him to just because he loves me!

10. I love that I have to sit down now just to put my underwear on! Ok I really don't love that but just had to throw that one in there!

March 23, 2010

26 weeks

I know it has been a while since I last posted but life in the Klinger household has been a bit KRAZY!!! Our Friend Andy is a ultrasound tech and he did some 3d photos of Kaiden for us.

March 4, 2010

25 weeks!

I have made it to 25 weeks and I am surprised how time has passed. I can't believe that in 3 months this little guy will be here! I am so excited but at the same time so overwhelmed. I am so not ready to have 3 kids right now.

Other than waking up to pee 8 times a night and wanting to eat all things unhealthy ALL DAY LONG, I am doing great. I had lost 10lbs. in the beginning and I am just now up to my pre-pregnancy weight...which is great for me because I am a heifer when pregnant.

Non baby related... My counter tops have been ordered and should be arriving in 3-4 weeks! woohoo I am so excited. Also...we are paying $300 less than the quoted price so totally in our budget and we even upgraded our choice.

So here is the dreaded baby pic at 25 weeks!

February 28, 2010

Dozer is Gone!

Yesterday was a sad day in the Klinger household. Our puppy Dozer left to go live in Jacksonville, Fl. We have been trying to find him a new home for a month now and yesterday it happened. With baby #3 coming and my life as krazy as it is...there was just no time for him anymore.

For me it was bittersweet. I will miss that little guy cuddling up next to me at night and laying on a pile of our laundry but I know he deserves as home where he gets more attention and time! The kicker was Laney started to cry when the man took him and it broke my heart. Her daddy explained to her that he was going to a better home and that we would all be so busy when Kaiden was born. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and told him that she would be a good helper and help mommy take care of kaiden. That's my girl!!!!!

So in honor of my white furry friend...

The day we got him!

My sister holding him

NoNo playing with Dozer

Posing for the camera

Dozie boy...I will miss you!

February 10, 2010

We have a NAME!!!!

We finally have a name. And I am sooooo excited. Mr. Clean and I wanted to have a name for our son that was his destiny. Not just a cool name we both liked but one that was meant for him. So we narrowed it down to three and began to pray. We got nothing until I went to MIA and 2 fabulous ladies prayed for me. God gave me the name within seconds of their prayers! I came home and shared with Mr. Clean and he said he was leaning towards that one as well.

So in June of 2010 we will be having our second son and his name is Kaiden Anthony! Kaiden means warrior and Anthony means praiseworthy. I can't wait to meet my little warrior!!!

January 29, 2010

There it is!

I am just so excited this morning! I love that Laney and Arkman will have a brother in about 4 months. I can't wait to see my two boys playing together and getting into trouble together! I am so excited to finally finish their room and start getting things set up for the newest Klingon!

I was just sitting here thinking about God's grace. I have a girl and a boy already and throughout this pregnancy I have stayed neutral on what gender I want. I didn't care either way...I just wanted a healthy baby! So finding out it's a boy made my mommy heart pitter patter! I have to say that finding out has really helped me connect with this baby and it's only been 24 hours!

And although we haven't decided on a name for this little guy yet, I have already begun to speak life over him! He has somehow managed to tug on my heart and it's just bursting with love to pour out on him! This is the feeling I have been missing for the last 5 months and I am soooooo glad I have it now!

These are the days that I cannot imagine doing anything else than being mommy right now! I love that God has allowed me stay at home with them and love on them all day long! Seeing my children playing together makes all the cares of this world fade away into a distant memory!

January 28, 2010

It's A.........

And a fun picture of my belly at 20 weeks!

January 20, 2010

bonding has yet to come

Thursday, January 28th is the day of our ultrasound. I was planning on not finding out and even convinced Mr.Clean to let it be a surprise. There is only one problem... I have yet to bond with this child. And although that might be common...I have not experienced that with either of my other children. From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Laney, I fell in love with her. I prayed for her, sang to her and talked to her everyday. Same with Arkman. There was an instant connection with them.

I know I am not a bad mother but I feel bad at times when I tell people that I have not bonded with this child. It's so bad that I rarely talk to the baby or prayer for the baby. Mr. Clean does most of that. I seem to have no interest. And that is the worst feeling in the world for me. So while talking my hubby, he suggested that we find out so that I can start planning a nursery, we can pick a name and speak that name over the child. I was hesitant at first but now I am on board.

So in about a week we should know what this little peanut is! If you would like to guess than head over to the survey on the right side of my blog and enter in your guess. I will post after we know and tell our families!