October 20, 2010


My parents decided to go on vacation to Florida for the week and have entrusted their 5th child to a sitter! They actually have a man staying at their house to watch him, feed him and play with him. This man works during the day so they have rallied us kids to come over during the day to play and love on him.

You see he is smart and knows that mommy & daddy are away and gets very sad and lonely. He is used to spending everyday all day with his daddy. So being the spoiled child that he is, he requires much attention! I had the privilege of spending 2 hours with him today, and he was so excited to see me that he knocked me over and jumped on me. He loves giving kisses and he gave me all he had!

Here are some pictures of him calm...that only lasted 2 minutes! Meet Harley, the 100 pound American Bulldog.