December 29, 2008

Ham & Cheese

Ham & Cheese

December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008... Klinger style

So here are some random Christmas pics for your viewing pleasure!

Laney with daddy... feeding her baby doll Bella

Opening up her baby bottles from Aunt Nisey and Uncle Chris

Opening up her Monkey PJ's

She was starting to dose off so we had to help her open the rest of her presents

Opening more presents while sitting on NoNo's rocking horse, which she has already claimed as hers!

Her... I mean NoNo's new rocking horse

NoNo trying to eat his present instead of opening it

He even tried to eat the gift bag

NoNo as Santa

December 21, 2008

Why I love my kids so much!

December 17, 2008

Up late praying

ok... so I have a very weird extended family that needs Jesus in a major way. I want to give you a little background before I tell you my real story.

My biological dad's side of the family...
- 7 kids, 14 grand kids, 7 great grand kids
- 1 aunt works for IBM and is in a very high position there and makes sure we all know how much she spends on everything.
- 1 aunt who is a bartender in York and makes a ton of money but is humble and loving
- 1 aunt who did way too many drugs and married a man who is less than half her age and he did way too many drugs and lost a few brain cells... but they claim to love the Lord and get picked on because of it.
- 1 uncle in jail for the last 29 1/2 years... love him so much, he calls me angel
- 1 dad who needs Jesus so bad and needs to be set free from the demons that control him.
- 1 uncle addicted to pain meds but holds down a really good job... married for the fourth time
- 1 uncle who is going to marry his ex wife's best friend after they wife swapped.

Now do you see why I am the way I am today? Kidding! It's only by the grace of God I am who I am today and I thank Him a lot!

Now for my story... I was up last night real late because I couldn't sleep AGAIN. So as I was laying in bed asking the Lord why I was still up and a burden for my family came on me like I've never experienced before. So I began to pray for them and after I was done with them all... an hour later... I asked the Lord "why me?" And He told me because who else was going to pray for them? Oh My Goodness! It hit me right then and there that I may be the only one praying for them. So now I have a new mission and I hope I can continue stepping in that gap for them.

But then this morning I sat here wondering who prayed for me???? I am sure many have over the years and I am sure that many thought I wouldn't change but I am so glad that they never gave up on me! So never think for one minute that your prayers are wasted on anyone... even if you never see a change!

December 16, 2008

Sorry, I've been busy

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

I know everyone is busy this time of year but now that Mama's Got Talent is over I have some more free time to blog. So after a few years of being dormant, I'm back... for now!

So to start out I am going to give you a few updates.

1. NoNo got his first tooth and everyone in childcare had to suffer through that one... sorry guys!

2. I've gained 10lbs. and the holidays aren't even over... what the hec?

3. Laney Bug now repeats everything I say, even the bad stuff. Foe example, I was behind someone the other day that drove with their turn signal on for 3 miles while slowing down at every intersection. Obviosley they had no idea where they were going. I was getting a little irritated so I said to them, "pull over and let us people who do know where they are going pass you... Idiot!" then from the back seat I hear, "you idiot! He's an idiot right mommy?" OMG! Why did the Lord feel that I was fit to have children?

4. My basement/ future bedroom is still NOT finished so we are sharing our room with Noah. I need more space like now!

5. My part-time job or the "run" as we call it is going good. The other day the lady at one of my vet stops handed me a bag and said, " wehave a testi for you today!" I looked at it and it was huge and so I replied, "what animal did this come from?" A rottweiler... it looked more like a horse! Yes you are reading correctly... I picked up a dog testicle the other day.

6. NoNo has stopped nursing all on his own at 6 months, he is now 7 months old and now my boobs are size nothing and they hang to my waist! Yea breastfeeding!!!!

That's all for now but maybe as I think of more exciting news to share with the world and embarass my husband with, I'll post again!