October 20, 2010

Kitchen remodel

Back in January my hubby knocked down the wall that separated the kitchen from the living/dining room. He added an island with a bar counter top, new counter tops, and back splash.

Sorry that there are no before pics....our computer crashed and we lost those pictures. Let me describe it to you. green laminate counter tops, white laminate back splash, and a big tan wall.

I am my hubby's biggest fan, I love his work even though it took him 8 months to complete it!!!


After His heart said...

Great job!! Love it!!

Classic Mama said...

Wow! Very cool. By the way, I'm really loving that you are blogging, like, everyday now. I missed you!

Promises Fulfilled said...

Love it! We so want to remodel ours...or at least get new countertops (my hubby really liked yours!) Your hubby is very talented! He's a keeper! ;)