October 10, 2010

Flame of Change

Two years ago God began stirring my heart for a change. I had no idea what kind of change it would be or how exactly it would look like. I still to this day have no idea. I just know that I felt it was going to be a big change.

Over the last two years I have questioned whether or not I heard correctly from the Lord. I would have times of great faith and then I would wavier in doubt and disbelieve. Just when I began to give up hope, a couple visiting our church spoke a word over Dan and I and sparked the flame of change again!

I won't go into detail now but the word was dead on what God had spoken to me two years prior. God had confirmed to me that He was still there and had not forgotten what He spoke. The only thing my little mind can think of is that this change will be so big that we needed two years to prepare for it.

My heart has begun stirring again and so much lately that I am aching for a change. I am no longer content with where I am and need God to move mightily. I know He will in His timing but until He does, I am holding on to the words spoken over me!


Anonymous said...

My sister, the things that He placed in you, and the person he created you to be is mind blowing. the wisdom you walk in and the gifts in you are amazing. i know he has great plans for you and I KNOW that He wants to use you in ministry, i cant wait for the release and the courage. i have seen a glimpse at times of you completely on fire sold out, but the burdens of the things that have gone on with you in the lass few years have caused you to in a sense sit down. but now i believe you are about to stand again, and walk 100% in what he called and created you to do. i love the fire i have seen and am so excited to see it burn like it never has, only this time not by yourself, but with your helpmate as well. you are amazing and cant wait till fir. i am so excited to prophesy with you again. i love you my sister and you are a warrior, a lioness, good things are coming your way:)