December 7, 2009

To know or NOT to know???

I have been struggling with finding out the gender of out third baby. I usually can't wait and have to know but I will be 30 next month and not much surprises me anymore. When I say i can't wait I mean it too. I have to wait until the week before Christmas to buy Dan's gifts because I get so excited that I make him open them early if I buy them too soon. And I LOVE planning!

I love decorating the baby's room and organizing the closet with all their little clothes. I like to have our names picked out soon so we can speak the name over the child and declare the meaning over it's life! I love calling the baby by cute little nicknames while the are in my belly.

With all that said why am I wanting to be surprised all of a sudden? I mean why not? I have a girl and a boy already. Noah was born in may and Alayna was born in July and this baby will be born in June so i have all the clothes already. The baby will be in our room for awhile so we can paint and decorate after the baby is born since it will be sharing a room.

I am so on board for being surprised but Mr. Clean has to think about it. He doesn't like surprises and needs to know what going on at all times. I call him the original nosy pants! So I am praying that he will get on board with my great idea and not cave when we go to the ultrasound in January!