October 18, 2010

My Girl

I have to tell you that raising a strong, independent, outgoing, leader of a 4 year old has not been easy! And yes at times it's been quite difficult and not fun. BUT there are times when I see the light at the end of the tunnel and for a small brief minute I see breakthrough. I only kid...we have our good days too. They aren't all bad!!!

Some of my favorite times are when she looks up at me with lips puckered and says, "give me some love mommy." Or when I don't hear her and I go to investigate and find her lost in the land of make believe playing with her animals. Listening to her makes me realize just how much they pick up from your words spoken to them. She looks at her bunny and says, "what did mommy tell you about your attitude? Do you want to go to your room to change it or can it be changed now?" I just have to laugh at the way she says it....almost exactly like me!

My fondest times are when she has to tell me a secret and pulls me close to her and whispers "mommy I love you so much" I mean that just melts me to the core! Or when she asks me a million questions in the 5 minute car ride to the store. Her little mind at work trying to figure things out and wanting to learn how things work and why makes my day very interesting!

I love my girl and wouldn't change her one bit...I just hope I can raise her to be the great woman of God she is destined to be!