November 21, 2010

Gettin' Crafty...NOT

So my friend Tiffany is amazingly crafty and has mad skillz too! She is always doing something new...I swear her brain must go a mile a minute! She posted on her website some rag wreaths that she made so I decided to make one. They looked simple enough and me not having the crafty skillz was daring enough to try.

What she didn't tell you is it takes FOREVER to cut the fabric and then you have to tie EVERY SINGLE RAG onto that ring. And if you are patient enough to include your kids then it takes you 5 hours instead of 2. I made for me and one for my mom BUT that will probably be the only time I ever do that.

I think I will leave the crafts to the professionals and I will stick to building forts, baking cookies and playing princess with my kids!