February 28, 2010

Dozer is Gone!

Yesterday was a sad day in the Klinger household. Our puppy Dozer left to go live in Jacksonville, Fl. We have been trying to find him a new home for a month now and yesterday it happened. With baby #3 coming and my life as krazy as it is...there was just no time for him anymore.

For me it was bittersweet. I will miss that little guy cuddling up next to me at night and laying on a pile of our laundry but I know he deserves as home where he gets more attention and time! The kicker was Laney started to cry when the man took him and it broke my heart. Her daddy explained to her that he was going to a better home and that we would all be so busy when Kaiden was born. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and told him that she would be a good helper and help mommy take care of kaiden. That's my girl!!!!!

So in honor of my white furry friend...

The day we got him!

My sister holding him

NoNo playing with Dozer

Posing for the camera

Dozie boy...I will miss you!

February 10, 2010

We have a NAME!!!!

We finally have a name. And I am sooooo excited. Mr. Clean and I wanted to have a name for our son that was his destiny. Not just a cool name we both liked but one that was meant for him. So we narrowed it down to three and began to pray. We got nothing until I went to MIA and 2 fabulous ladies prayed for me. God gave me the name within seconds of their prayers! I came home and shared with Mr. Clean and he said he was leaning towards that one as well.

So in June of 2010 we will be having our second son and his name is Kaiden Anthony! Kaiden means warrior and Anthony means praiseworthy. I can't wait to meet my little warrior!!!