September 29, 2009

More Progress!

So here are some pictures of our progress in the master bedroom and master bathroom...not finished but close!

Plumbing cut for the bathroom

shower in for the bathroom

ALMOST done bathroom

sink and mirror

right wall of master bedroom

crown and base on right wall of master

Left wall of master

Left side with crown and base and by cubbies cut out

September 26, 2009


I just wanted to post some progress we made in the basement. We are about 2 weeks out from moving down there! I have waited 3 years for this and I am sooooo excited. When it's done I will be posting before and afters and maybe even a little video. But until then...

lots of wood

This one is to give you an idea of how big a TV Mr. Clean is getting for his entertainment center

Primed and ready to go

Black and Beautiful

September 23, 2009

DOZER...the mini bull terrier

This little guy was on my screen when I logged on this morning...Do you think Mr. Clean is trying to hint what he wants for his birthday?

September 21, 2009

One bite at a time

As I was watching my son eat his chicken nuggets I witnessed a very strange eating habit take place. He had 5 chicken nuggets and all of them had one bite taken from each. He would pick up a nugget and take a bit then place it on the tray and grab another one. He did that with his french fries as well. I was going to take a picture but my camera battery is dead.

Please share with me any unusual eating habits that your child or children might have. I mean come on...I'm not the only mother who has weird kids....right?

September 19, 2009

Laney's Big Girl Room

So far we have spent:

Ikea white iron Full bed................. $80
paint & knobs for dresser............... $51
Chair...fabric came w/bedding....... $0
Chair paint.........................................$13
Room paint.........................................$48
Bed in a bag from Jc Penney........... $50
Full size matress & boxspring.........$0

Grand total so far.............................$ 242

Not bad for a $300 budget... we still have to buy curtains but I am sure I can find a good deal!

September 15, 2009

My new love

I paid $6 for both of these chairs and I spent about $20 on fabric and spray paint. So for $26 this is what you get.

September 14, 2009

Preschool Day 1

Laney LOVED preschool! She remembered she was going as soon as she woke up at 6:30am and then came into my room to wake me up so we could go. I had to explain to her that it didn't begin for a few more hours in my best early morning mommy tone. And believe me I had to muster up the nicest attitude I could for 6:30am.

So when I finally had to get up at 7:30, I rolled out of bed and we rushed to eat, get dressed and get loaded into "Ray Ray" so we could make there on time. We did!!!!! Congrats to me for not being late the first day of school. You can't see me but I'm patting my own back...HA!

She got to her cubby and hung up her lunch box and ran into her class room. She just left me there in the hallway. I made her come back out and give me a kiss! Then I go into Ray Ray and cried like a baby! I missed her. Don't get me wrong...I love the quiet time and freedom but I truly missed my daughter today!

September 12, 2009

The dark side of dark

Today I got to go with a friend to help rescue a friend from drugs. I am not naive when it comes to things like this and so I did realize that she wasn't going to walk away today. Not because she didn't want to but because of no open beds at detox facilities.

I was asked to go because my friend didn't want to go alone and I used to go to school with this girl plus I have some knowledge of it from family. I knew that it wasn't going to be a pretty site but nothing I have ever seen could compare to this. I was in shock from the moment we pulled up to the house.

The house was a row home that was "run down" to say the least. The door was wooden and so old you could see in at the bottom. We knocked and we heard a voice scream, "who is it?" My friends replied, "It's me." "Me who?" and then another voice screamed for the girl we were there to see.

When she opened the door I could barely recognize her. She is 29 but looked about 45 or 50. Her face was covered in scabs and she was dirty from head to foot. She later told she weighed 92 pounds but that was probably with clothes on. Her finger nails were black from dirt and she hasn't taken a shower in 3 months. When she talked I could see she had no teeth and her gums were black. So you can probably imagine the smell.

I was so focused on her that I didn't even realize we were now standing in a drug house with about 3 people. The house was so dirty and smelled so bad. There were holes in the wall that they had shoved paper or towel in so that you couldn't see outside. The floors were covered with trash and the couches were filthy. I saw that they didn't use the kitchen as a kitchen because my guess is every bit of money they had went to drugs. At one point I looked behind me and on the walls were pornographic pictures hung up as art in their living room. And then I saw the bed that was in the dining room and I started to pray and pray hard.

Just as I thought to myself...I need to get out of her...She said, "we need to take a walk." So we made small talk and then bam the hard truth of the situation was addressed bluntly but with love. She is a heroin addict and needs help because she would rather die than live another day like this. When you come to the decision that death would be better than the sickness, pain and disease that comes with living a life on drugs than you know you need help and you need it fast!

With that being said, there was no way she could have left with us today. Her body is so dependent on heroin that she would be sick almost to death to stop cold turkey. She needs a Methadone detox center to safely rid of body of all the junk she put into it. They were closed until Monday so she is stuck there until then. She is serious about getting clean but she will continue to use until Monday...not because she enjoys the high but because she feeds her body so that she doesn't get sick. That is what you call feeding the addiction.

The only advice I could give her was to try to stay alive until Monday. Even as we left I could feel that she was barely alive. Her body was a hollow shell waiting to die and her eyes were full of pain and torment. I know that if she doesn't go to detox on Monday it will only be a matter of weeks before she is dead.

I pray with every fiber in my being that she doesn't just make it to Monday but that she beats this addiction and changes her life around so that she can walk her destiny! Please pray for her salvation as well as her next few months. I am praying that after detox she makes the decision to go to New Life for Girls.

Coming home I was so filled with bitter sweet emotions. My heart hurt for her but I was rejoicing inside that God saved me and I don't live like that! I don't know what will happen next but I am believing for a transformation of her life!

September 10, 2009

Summer 09 Pictures