January 29, 2010

There it is!

I am just so excited this morning! I love that Laney and Arkman will have a brother in about 4 months. I can't wait to see my two boys playing together and getting into trouble together! I am so excited to finally finish their room and start getting things set up for the newest Klingon!

I was just sitting here thinking about God's grace. I have a girl and a boy already and throughout this pregnancy I have stayed neutral on what gender I want. I didn't care either way...I just wanted a healthy baby! So finding out it's a boy made my mommy heart pitter patter! I have to say that finding out has really helped me connect with this baby and it's only been 24 hours!

And although we haven't decided on a name for this little guy yet, I have already begun to speak life over him! He has somehow managed to tug on my heart and it's just bursting with love to pour out on him! This is the feeling I have been missing for the last 5 months and I am soooooo glad I have it now!

These are the days that I cannot imagine doing anything else than being mommy right now! I love that God has allowed me stay at home with them and love on them all day long! Seeing my children playing together makes all the cares of this world fade away into a distant memory!


TCC said...

So happy for you!!!

mishmash-a little bit of this and a little... said...

yea! now you and Laney will be out numbereds. :)