January 20, 2009

How do I get off this stupid roller coaster?

I seem to be on this long roller coaster lately and I am getting a bit sick of it. There are highs and then there are lows. And they aren't like seasons...they are more like hours in a day. Let me explain...

I woke up this morning to my 2 year old at 6:45 am. This girl USED to sleep in to 8:30 or 9 am. I guess that's over. So not only did I get to bed late, I woke up early. And we have a playdate with Trendsetter this morning so of course I am rushing around trying to get out the door on time. By the way I had a fabulous time at the playdate... I am telling everyone about that place!

Anywho, my kids are not cooperating and Laney is not listening so now I am frustrated. Then I get there and it's great! Then I leave and Laney decides to drop the food and run away from me as I am getting NoNo in the car. As I spank her in the parking lot she looks at me and laughs...LAUGHS? what the hec do I do now???? So I explain to her that we don't run away and we definetly don't laugh at mommy as she is correcting you.

Now we are in the car and my dear friend calls with troubling news so I pray with her and as I am praying with her I miss my exit and go the LONG way home. So now we are home and I get everyone in and settled. NoNo is asleep and Laney is watching the Lion King. I call my sister to find out how my nephew is and Laney walks out naked with poop ALL over her. What did I do??? I did what every good parent does... I lost it! I am yelling and steam is coming from my ears and I am sure my daughter is a little scared by the whole thing.

So I take all the dirty stuff downstairs to the basement to do some laundry and of course the washer and dryer are full of stuff and as I look around there are 5 loads waiting to be done. So now I am doing the laundry and I call my sister back only to hear that Roo has strep throat. Now I am praying over the whole family because we were just there and laney and him shared a sippy cup. Dan and I don't have health insurance so I am really praying that we don't get it or that will set us back at least $300. Dan needs a new job and has been looking and praying for a whole year now and there is nothing. I am so tired of living like this that I need a breakthrough!

Because I am so stressed the ezcema on my stomache is flaring up and I am just about at my boiling point. I still have so much to do before I have to go to my part time job and right now I just don't wanna go! Sorry if you are still reading this... I am just venting and since there are no other adults here to talk to I am posting my low moments for you all to read.

Oh well... I am off to switch the load of laundry.

January 18, 2009

Practicing with my camera

January 17, 2009

Working out week 2

I have successfully completed 2 whole weeks of working out 5 days at 50 minutes each day AND I am so addicted to working out now! Yep I said it. I thought I would never say that and even wondered if the people who have said that to me in the past were "all together upstairs" if you know what I mean. But I feel better than I have in years and I can feel a difference in my body. My husband says he can see it but I can't YET!

I haven't ventured to step on a scale yet but when I do I will report to you the outcome. I think I am going to wait until after next week though because this is a six week program. I am not even half way through yet and I enjoy doing it so much. I didn't feel this way after week one but something clicked after week 2. I even want to work out on the weekends. I won't today because Mr. Clean and I along with Ben and Omi took the kids to the Farm Show and I had 8 month old NoNo in a sling carrier on me. I think that carrying 20 extra pounds around for 3 hours was enough exercise for one day. So maybe tomorrow I will do the quick 25 minute workout or just the 11 minute abs.

So with what energy I have left... I am going to church because I need me some good worship and good preachin!

January 7, 2009

Working Out

So, I started working out on Sunday and have worked out every day since for 50 minutes each day. Let me add that I have not worked out in 2 years... TWO YEARS!

The muscles under the ta-tas are hurting and yes apparently I have muscles there. I went to sit down to pee yesterday and screamed because my butt muscles hurt so bad. And to top it all off i slept in my clothes I wore the other day because I couldn't lift my arms to take them off. I am serious ladies... I couldn't make this stuff up.

Let me share with you how it all began. I was at my parent's house the other Saturday and decided to weigh myself (I don't have a scale at home) and I was mortified. There is a reason I don't own a scale. I don't want or have a desire to be obsessed with weight so I choose not to be but when I looked down and saw... Yes I am going to tell you all my weight...177, I nearly passed out. My husband weighs 185 so that makes him only 8lbs. heavier than me.

OH DEAR LORD... HELP ME! SO even though I ache all over and cry every time I have to sit down and pee (we can't stand... I tried) I am still working out 5 days a week for 50 minutes each day and I will be fit again.

Sorry if I am too honest... that's just the way I roll... lol

January 6, 2009

50% off or more!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up...
Gabriel Brothers on the Carlisle Pike is having their HUGE sale on Thursday. Almost everything in the stores 50% off or more. I know you have to do some digging but at those prices I don't mind!

akuma matata

Am I the only mom who has a child who watches the same movie 3-4 times a day? My Laney loves the Lion King and seriously watches it from start to finish 3-4 times a day. She doesn't want to watch anything else. I've tried it all... Beauty and the Beast, Veggie Tales, super book, etc. She loves Simba and even asks random people when we are out shopping if they know where Simba is???? Seriously! I think she needs delivered or maybe I just can't stand to hear the Lion King anymore! Help me, akuma matata isn't even helping.

January 5, 2009

He Believes

About 6 months ago my brother had decided that he didn't believe that people could see angels at CCC. He believes that these people hear from God but he had a hard time believing when he couldn't see them.

Well... Saturday night he came to church and since he left today for Puerto Rico he went up front for prayer. He was blasted by the Presence of God and then he went to Brandon and asked what color his angel was. That in itself was huge but Brandon told him that his angel was orange. That orange stood for intimacy. But then he had two other temporary angels with him as well. One was a warrior angel and the other was a purity angel I believe. The really cool thing is when he went up for prayer... 2 women had prayed over him and they spoke of these two temporary angels.

Needless to say... he believes and he is so excited about what God has for him now. Many years ago when my mother was pregnant with Joe, the Lord spoke a word to her and told her that Joseph would be the only male born to carry on the Parthemore name and that he would change the heritage of the line. I believe he is starting that now and I will continue to pray for him because that is no easy task. He knows he can't do it alone and is totally trusting God to lead him.

So please if you think about it please keep him in prayer!

January 4, 2009

My Babies

I asked her 20 times to smile but this is all I got

Ok turn towards mommy... but no she didn't want to

This is her saying cheese and staying still so that I can take her picture

Her and her uncle JoJo

Eating as usual

****WARNING... the next couple of pictures you view make cause you to want more children so if you don't.... please don't look down!******