March 5, 2011


So a few days ago our washer flooded again and ruined out beautiful funky floor. It was a mess! I was in the middle of cooking dinner and Dan was working. I ran downstairs to get something out of the laundry room and I heard water dripping. I went right over tot he washer and turned it off. The floor was soaking wet and water was squishing out between the floor boards. I got right to work cleaning it up...we have done this before.

We have a GE washer and dryer and they are great...when they work! We have had zero problems with the dryer...But numerous problems with the washer. The boot or rubber seal comes undone and so when the washer rinses, it ends up rinsing our floors. The first time this happened we were told to not load it so much and use the correct detergent. So we began to put less clothes in and that seemed to help for 8 months and then it came off again. So we called the same company to come back since they "fixed" it the first time. Again they told us to load it with less clothes. like 2 shirts, a pair of pants and some socks??? Because we might as well start washing by hand if that's the case. Being obedient and not really wanting to replace the floor again...we put less laundry in each load.

Fast forward to a year and a half later and now we are replacing the floor AGAIN. This time we have a different insurance company and THEY ROCK!!!! Erie sent over a "clean up team" and they were great! Professional, clean, friendly and thorough! They even helped clear out the storage under the steps and neatly piled it out in our garage for us.

So here are some pics of the floor and of the kids playing while the floor was being ripped apart, they had to evacuate their play area.