July 12, 2007

We have lift off

I forgot to blog this a couple of weeks ago so here it is... Laney is WALKING!!!! She has been walking now for 2 weeks. She is more stable than I thought she would be. Of course she falls but she gets right back up and heads off to conquer the next room. She almost runs, it's kinda funny. She has begun to explore more things now that she is up and about. Just to give you an example of the mischief she has been up to, we caught her trying to eat dog food the other day. I am almost positive she did swallow some before I could pry it out of her mouth. Oh well at least she got her protein for the day. She also loves to walk in shoes. Just the other day we put her new white sneakers on her and looked at her feet every time she walked totally not paying attention to where she was going.

I guess I'll sum this up by saying that I am enjoying the walking stage so far. Gates aka "cages"also help me to tolerate the wondering Laney.

Laney Bug Walking!!! Go Laney Go

Laney in the Pots and Pans


TCC said...

She is sooooooooo cute!

So glad you are having fun.

The Gang's All Here! said...

OMIGOSH! She is too, too cute! And definitely looks like her various Klinger cousins :)

It's hiliarious that you posted these pics: I was just telling The Boss about the picnic post and saying that I wish I could SEE your baby. That I hate that all you guys are getting married and having babies and we're missing all the fun. Thank you so much - I love that I can sorta keep up with you guys this way.

Hugs to the whole big Klinger Krew - we miss you all! Especially miss having Mom and Dad Klinger right up the street . . . kinda like our second mom and dad!

Mama Keller said...

She's so stinkin cute.. I can't wait till lil guy can walk too and chase her around.. You know they're gonna get married some day.. :) hahaha..