July 2, 2007

Obedient Feet

I was at church on Saturday night and we actually got there early so I was excited that I got to go back and pray. Mark pulls me into the middle of the circle to get prayed over and the Lord ministered to me like never before. I actually felt everything that was being prayed over me. For example: Someone said that there was going to be a download of His gifts into me, one of them mentioned was prophecy. I literally felt like God was downloading prophecy into me like there was a void that they were filling. It was weird but really cool.

At the end of prayer Mark announced that some of us were going to get words during worship and if you get one save it to the end and we will be called up front to give it. I thought that was scary but cool again. So during worship guess who gets a word? Yep... ME. I know I should have been excited but I was being selfish and didn't want to walk up in front of everyone and give it. I asked God if He would point the person out to me so that I could walk up and give it to the directly. NO, was His answer.

So Pastor made an alter call and after he was done praying over the people he asked those on the Ministry Team who received a word to come up front. I was not planning on going, I was going to be disobedient and I was ok with that. God on the other hand was not so He caused my feet to start moving without my brain telling them to. HONEST!!! I was walking up there saying to myself, "What am I doing??????" But God is so faithful. I gave the word and I prayed with three people who were dealing with tormenting voices. It was the best thing my feet have ever done for me. hee hee


Promises Fulfilled said...

That is SO AWESOME! I am so "proud" of you and your feet for being obedient to the Lord's voice - and I know that the people that you prayed with are also thankful as well!

TCC said...


Classic MaMa said...

Whoa, very cool! Our bodies are obedient even when our mind is not. :)

Beautiful Grace said...

I saw you come up and give the word. You were glowing!! :)

Bless you!!