July 19, 2007

Step Into Your Ministry

This was a post on Beth Moore's blog and I really felt that this was a cry for our women around here as well. Lately God has been stirring in me as well as others (sue, zory, anna, vicki & TCC) a sense that our women need to step into ministry. The enemy wants nothing more than to hinder us from fulfilling the call and destiny over our lives. So we need to start praying for one another that anything that keeps us from stepping out would be broken off in Jesus name! I think we need a Women's Prayer Day, so that we can lift one another up and stand in the gap for each other. I know that God has begun to stir up that desire in many of you and I want to encourage you to just do it.

I remember taking mark's class on "doing the stuff" and we had exercises at the end of each class. For one of them we had 5 people stand in a circle with their backs together so that they were facing away from each other. Then there were 5 people around them facing them. Mark had us pray for them and give them a word. I mean come on this was probably the first time most of them has ever prayed with someone and given them a word within 2 minutes let alone do it 5 times in 10 minutes. I was so nervous and I remember thinking "Lord give me the words because I have no idea what to say!" God is so faithful... I had a word for all 5 people. I remember the feeling of excitement afterwards, it was such a high. I believe if you step out when He asks you to, He we amaze you with what He can do and you'll be blessed at the same time. Isn't that cool... He blesses us just for for obedient and doing what we were created to do.

I know it is hard to step out of your comfort zone but do it once this week to see what happens. What do you have to lose??? Just your dignity amongst the world but you don't need to worry about that anyway. I probably sound harsh or deranged right about now but I know that God has placed this burden for our women on my heart for a reason so I have to follow through.

I sure am using a lot of her stuff lately... thank you Beth! Here is her word for Washington, D.C. I strongly believe that this is a word also for us!!!

Washington, D.C. Commissioning

My Dear Sister,
The God of Glory
Has called you.
You have a ministry.
In Christ, you are enough for that ministry.
Never forget that showing God off is your ministry.
No matter what,
Keep your heart in your ministry.
Unveil your face
And serve others with authenticity.
Always remember
That the power is in God's Presence.
Let nothing
Come between you
And intimacy with God.
Keep moving forward
From glory to glory.
Let God thin that veil.
Remember, ministry is not about position.
It's about people.
Let name after name
Be written on your heart.
Do not seek great things for yourself,
Seek a great God.
As you leave this place,
Go in a fresh anointing.
He who turns water into wine
Turns wimps into warriors.
You have a ministry.
Go fulfill it.


Classic MaMa said...

Well, I'm ready for the "chick" movement. Seriously, well reported, Crazy.

TCC said...

Powerful stuff. Thank you! What an encourager you are!!!