July 6, 2007

8 Random Things About ME

Well, I usually don't do this but since you are my new boss... hahaha just kidding!

1. I only go to amusement parks for the roller coasters!!!! and I complain about every stinkin line I have to stand in. If I only have time to ride the roller coaster and leave , I am perfectly ok with that.

2. I use the word stinkin way tooooo much, just ask Mr. Clean, he hates it.

3. I like to flip my eyelids inside out to amuse Plain ans Simple's kids when I'm watching them.

4. Wow I am only at four and I'm at a loss. Oh I know, I can belge really loud. Mom and Dad are real proud of that one.

5. I really don't care what people think of me, I am who I am and that's what you get!

6. I LOVE change, that's right I said CHANGE. I embrace it to the fullest. I am always trying to convince Mr. Clean to let me rearrange the furniture.

7. I am a plant killer so do NOT give me plants EVER!!!!! In fact Mr. Clean has a slogan for me... "I tried but it died."

8. I make my own "special brew" Relax it's only homemade iced tea.

Now it is my turn to tag! Can I just tag the bloggers I am linked to (ha!). I think you are supposed to tag 8 bloggers but I've decided that 5 is a good number. Now...to pick 5. Decisions. Decisions. Hmmmm...I tag the following ladies because they all started to blog relatively recently and it would be fun to learn some random tidbits about each of you:


TCC said...

Thanks for playing! It was harder than I thought - to come up with 8.

I knew I liked you...rollercoasterplantkillingsecurebrewmaking woman of God!

Melissa said...

Yay! A fellow plant-killer!

Let's swap stories some day!

The Gang's All Here! said...

The Boss hates re-arranging furniture, but now that Shaggy and Dr. Doolittle are such big strapping boys, I don't have to wait for him to help anymore. It's fun to see his face when he walks in and the house is all moved around :) Tee Hee.

Promises Fulfilled said...

I really enjoyed reading your random things - you are very funny! I am also a fellow plant killer. I have felt so horrible when my mother in law has given me such beautiful plants that she has transplanted - and I forget to water them, and then it eventually dies! I really want to have live plants in the house, but I am not very good at tending to them - I like Mr. Clean's phrase! :)