November 22, 2009

Just plain sick!

It's during the first trimester with all my kids that I question why. Why did we make a baby? Why did we want more kids? Why do I put myself through this time and time again? I get so sick that nothing stays down and the thought of food makes me vomit. Who in there right mind would want that?

I say it with every one of them...this is it and don't tell me you want more because I don't! But then Mr. Clean and I sneak into their rooms at night watch them sleep and think out loud...we would be ok if we had one more! Then they wake up and we are thinking out loud...NO MORE!!!! It's a good thing we didn't plan No No or this baby otherwise we would have just Laney! And I can't imagine life without my little guy so I guess this is a blessing even now why I am puking my guts out!


PressingIn said...

Oh girlie. We've had that conversation EVERY time too!! And some day, (I'm sure soon) we'll announce that we're prego with #6. Won't that be something? :) God knows how big your quiver is sweet girl. He knows the plans that He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope. I'm pretty sure that this is also in there: plans to not drive you crazy and make you think that you can't take another moment. :)

We certainly serve the God of many surprises. :) I'm so excited for you both and remember that this time of discomfort is only temporary. The fruit of your "labor" is coming!! :)

Love to you!!

This Journey of Mine said...

Hey girl,

Honestly, this has been the hardest pregnancy yet for me. And considering the stories I have of my first, then to declare this one hard, is scary!
I'll tell you what though, somewhere in the back of my mind when I have thought I can't take anymore of this craziness, I remember that it was over before I knew it. And then, since I will have 5 years in between this baby and my last, I'll remind myself that the baby/toddler years REALLY are over quicker then we think.

Hang in there - don't push yourself. I had a wise friend tell me recently that I have bigger expectations for myself then God does. She was right. He loves you and is proud of you and thinks you are amazing, even if you spend the entire day in your pjs and just surviving with the kids until your husband comes home and rescues you - which may include fast food pick up or ramen noodles. It doesn't matter .... the One you are pleasing is more then pleased with you - He finds you amazing!
In the end, that is all that matters, right?