November 5, 2009


Did you ever have one of those seasons where things just keep going down hill? You think to yourself...ok this it, I know it's going to get better. But it just doesn't. I am in that season. Things just keep getting worse my the day. I don't like to complain too much but I am at the point where enough is enough!

I will spare you the details for now but I am in need of prayer! I don't want to give up and I am desperately trying to believe for breakthrough but I can feel myself pressing in less because there is no change.

I don't want to lose faith or hope but I need a refill. After standing and believing for something for 3 years my heart has grown weary. I just need to be carried by Him.


mishmash-a little bit of this and a little... said...

nice thing about blogging it feels like a way to heal by venting! I am with you and I completely undertand thats for sure. You feel like Job? like wow this could get a lot worse but then its fine and then the next week its something else. Almost like you are being stretched. every fiber of you and just when you cant think you can take it anymore it lets up. sigh girl don't you know it. I can tell you this Papa got some BIG plans instore for you! I can't wait to see! and you are in my prayers daily now!

Livin' Life said...

I was just typing a similar email to some prayer warriors. Last night while laying in bed I just kept telling the Lord, you just got to end this, I can't do this any more. I will definitely cover you in prayer. I feel your pain and will stand for final breakthrough.

Just know you are not alone!

TCC said...

First to answer your question - yes, I've had one of those seasons - how about almost the entire year last year? I know you know this because you read my blog and it was pretty bleak throughout 2008.

It's not like everything is all fixed and better in 2009 but I got the refill you mentioned and I know there is power in prayer. I will be regularly praying for and standing with your family - believing that every good word He has spoken over you will be accomplished!

Love you guys!