December 7, 2009

To know or NOT to know???

I have been struggling with finding out the gender of out third baby. I usually can't wait and have to know but I will be 30 next month and not much surprises me anymore. When I say i can't wait I mean it too. I have to wait until the week before Christmas to buy Dan's gifts because I get so excited that I make him open them early if I buy them too soon. And I LOVE planning!

I love decorating the baby's room and organizing the closet with all their little clothes. I like to have our names picked out soon so we can speak the name over the child and declare the meaning over it's life! I love calling the baby by cute little nicknames while the are in my belly.

With all that said why am I wanting to be surprised all of a sudden? I mean why not? I have a girl and a boy already. Noah was born in may and Alayna was born in July and this baby will be born in June so i have all the clothes already. The baby will be in our room for awhile so we can paint and decorate after the baby is born since it will be sharing a room.

I am so on board for being surprised but Mr. Clean has to think about it. He doesn't like surprises and needs to know what going on at all times. I call him the original nosy pants! So I am praying that he will get on board with my great idea and not cave when we go to the ultrasound in January!


Livin' Life said...

Hope this post means you're feeling better?!:-)

I had to know with all the boys because I was looking for a girl. But I can totally see with you why you would wait. That's exciting! I never got to experience the surprise of having the doctor tell me "It's a...". We just knew. I hope you get to experience that since it's on your heart too. Praying for you!

Classic MaMa said...

It would be cool to have that know, the surprise that pioneer women had and the one that women from centuries before had...but I wouldn't be able to do it. :) I'd need to know.

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOL - I think I see a lot of myself in you (at least in this post!) I love planning and organizing, I loathe surprises. I can't stand holding on to presents for the hubby and the kids - I usually have to wrap them early and hide them so I can contain myself.

BUT . . . . I NEVER would find out what I was having. I figured it was the one thing that I could enjoy the suspense about and one thing I couldn't ever properly plan for. Perfect nursery and organized closet aside, one can never fully be prepared for the new ones God gives us! So I kept the suspense going.

And ha, ha. The harder my MIL pushed to know, the less I wanted to know. Cuz I'm stubborn that way. . . :)

Drew said...

I can't wait for another Klingon! They're such happy little tater tots, You should have seven :]