July 1, 2008

Update on the Klingers!

Thank you all for praying for Dan and I and the State Police but we found out
that God has other plans so we rest in Him to open the door.

It is totally a God thing because after we got home from having Noah, I was in
the bath crying (my emotions were all over the place with this child) Because I
didn't want to lose my husband for 6 months. I started to pray that if this is
where the Lord wanted Dan then He would have to give me the strength to run this
house without him for 6 months and be mommy & daddy to the kids. But if this is
not what God has for Dan to send us a letter or give us a phone call letting us
know that this is it and make it say that they will no longer be considering him
in the future.

2 days later we got a letter stating that because he failed to mentioned one of
his relationships with a girl named Melissa (who was the same age as him) they
weren't considering him now or ever. There are State troopers with drug history
who have passed and because he forgot a 2 week high school relationship, they
aren't accepting him.

I was in shock because that is exactly what I had prayed so I know that the Lord
has something better for him. I mean come on... you are going to not consider
someone because they forgot about a high school relationship? that make no sense
at all except that God closed that door forever and that's what Dan needed to

I have bittersweet feelings because I want to stay at home with my kids. I love
being mommy to these two precious children that God has given me. My desire to
return to work is just not there like it was after Alayna was born. Now the
problem is that Dan is on my health insurance so God has to do a miracle and
provide Dan with a better paying job with Health insurance. I've seen God move
so much in our lives this past year that I believe He will provide for us and
give me the desire of my heart... the question is when and how. So I am excited
to see how it all plays out considering I am scheduled to return back on July

Please pray! I know God hasn't given me this desire only to not fulfill it. I
LOVE working at Christ Community Church and this has been one of my favorite
jobs and definitely my favorite workplace! I don't know what going to happen
within the next 2 weeks but I am expectant for God to move on our behalf. So
please keep us in prayer as we are down to the final hour.


Classic MaMa said...

We will continue to pray for your family. :) We love you!