July 8, 2008

Need a part time job?

I forgot to post this last week...sorry mom! My parents have a part time job and so does Mr. Clean. They work for a courier service that picks up samples from vets. It is an extremely easy job and actually fun. My parents do the "run" 6 days a week and are looking for someone who might be interested in taking Wednesday evening from 4-6pm and Saturday from 9-11am from them. The area they do is Carlisle and Boiling Springs then they meet to drop off at New Cumberland. You would make $45.00 a day for two hours of work. That's $90.00 a week and $360.00 a month extra money. One catch... you have to take out your own taxes which is about 25% of your pay. If you are interested please email me.

Mr. Clean and I do a run 6 days a week and we enjoy it. And if we are wanting to spend time together we all go on the run. Laney and I sing while daddy tries to tune us out. And NoNo just sleeps. We can get a bit silly at times. So if you ever see us driving around being Krazy you know we are having some good quality family time!


Hands-Free Heart said...

ooohh! I'm pretty interested... especially in the Wednesday run. That is, if I can take a child with me when I don't have a second adult with me to watch the child (like, can I take the child in with me to pick up the delivery stuff?)

I'm assuming that the start time is the time you arrive at your first pickup point? And is the end time the approximate time you get to New Cumberland, or is the end time the last pickup and then you drive to New Cumberland after that?

email me at my blog name at g m a i l *dot* c o m

I'd be interested in the Saturday one as well, but I can't commit to every weekend, as all our family is long-distance, so we use weekends for travel sometimes to see them. So if there's a chance to share that one with someone, alternating weeks with a chance to swap when necessary, I'd be interested in that one too.

Hands-Free Heart said...

clarification. There are no spaces or hyphens in my blog name :) (Sorry, I really don't want spam so that's why I don't type out my email address... it attracts spammers, who do auto searches for email addresses!)