July 13, 2008

Laney Bug turns 2

Ok, so officially her birthday is Monday but we celebrated Saturday.

She woke up to mommy singing "Happy Birthday" to her and she just looked at me like I was Krazy. Then I told her we were going to have a party for her... and she knows what that is. Let me just say there was lots of screaming and running around.

12:00 - Laney sees Grandmas and Pappys, aunts and uncles & cousins arriving and gets excited.
12:30 - We eat but Laney is soooo excited she only eats a hot dog and then wants down.
1:00 - We open gifts and that was an adventure all in itself. Every piece of clothing she got, she had to walk around and show everyone. That took awhile but we enticed her back over with another gift.

1:30 - We eat this fabulous cake made by TCC. Laney has a black mouth from the icing. And I was informed by Mr. Clean that her butt was black from it as well. I just took his word for it... no need for me to look and see.

2:00 - Family leaves and Laney is still wired from all that sugar
3:00-5:00 - me and Mr. Clean are cleaning up and playing with Laney's toys. Pappy got her a power wheels car that is pink and we...um I mean she loves it.

5:00 - we head over to Grandma's because uncle Jesse and Uncle JoJo are here until Tuesday and we miss them so much.

10:00 - we head home and crash!

Needless to say I think she had a very fun 2nd birthday. Maybe next year when the basement is done and our outside is finished we can invite friends over as well. It was quite interesting squeezing 20 people into a 900 square foot home but we managed!


Melissa said...

The pic of her looking at her baby doll is precious!

What a sweet, sweet little girl you have there!

And, the black poop cracked me up because I remember changing #3's diaper a few years ago after she ate "rainbow" ice cream and I freaked out when her poop was fluorescent green!

Hands-Free Heart said...

She looks like such an innocent, precious little princess in her pretty dress on her big day! And that cake is definitely awesome. Score another one for TCC!

TCC said...

I'm so glad she had a fun birthday! I cannot believe she is already 2...and looking quite pretty in her dress I might add.

I'm sorry...I should have warned you about the impact of dark icing.