April 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by TCC. Ok, first let me say that I thought this would be easy but I was wrong! So here it is...

Krazy, beautiful, Jesus Christ Lovin' preggo

Everyone I know has been tagged but if you haven't then your it!

So here are the rules:

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  • April 23, 2008

    Do you think your beautiful?

    How many of you truly think you are beautiful? I know personally this is something I have struggled with for various reasons. Reason number one is that I tend to look at myself through the world's perspective instead of my Papa's perspective.

    According to the world you have to look good on the outside and put on a mask that makes others think you are perfect. Thus you are always focusing on you. This is where women have been led astray. We are always comparing ourselves with other women. If I only had her legs or her stomach, I would look good. Then comes jealousy because she has what you don't. If left undealt with that jealousy can turn to bitterness and that bitterness will eat you up inside.

    But the true heart of God says:

    You are beautiful

    You are desired

    You are known

    You are held

    You are protected

    You are rescued

    You are forgiven

    You are pursued

    You are seen

    You are precious

    You are My princess

    You are My beautiful bride

    Nothing there mentions that you have to be a certain size, shape or color. Nothing there says you have to wear certain clothes or buy certain make up. Nothing there says you need to look like anyone but YOU!

    I share this because I have a tendency to covet other women who I feel are more beautiful than myself. But God is dealing with my perspective on beauty and how I view myself. See, I know He doesn't care about what's on the outside...it's a heart issue with Him but when there's such a huge focus on the outward appearance I tend to get caught up on the outside.

    He is taking me from the outside to the inside and I have to say that in a short time of walking through this, I feel more beautiful than I ever had before...even though my outward appearance is still the same!

    April 21, 2008

    i am

    I found this on a random blog that I can't find again to link back to...sorry!

    i am: tired
    i think: i am ready to have this baby
    i know: Mr. Clean loves me
    i want: more of Christ
    i have: a great life.
    i wish: to die daily
    i hate: scary movies
    i miss: my brother joe
    i fear: that i am going to eat an unhealthy lunch!
    i feel: insecure in my own body sometimes
    i hear: the home schoolers eating lunch right now
    i smell: their lunch
    i crave: Sonic jalapeƱo burgers
    i search: the internet for random stuff
    i wonder: how people in NYC take taxi’s with kids
    i regret: not making Laney a healthy breakfast this morning.... aren't there eggs in chocolate chip cookies?
    i love: sitting on the porch and watching the rain
    i ache: ALL OVER
    i care: about you
    i always: stay up too late.
    i am not: looking forward to getting up again to pee
    i believe: that Mr. Clean loves me for me
    i dance: whenever I can
    i sing: in the bath tub
    i cry: way too much now... stupid hormones
    i don’t always: read my bible every day.
    i fight: the desire to think bad thoughts.
    i write: very little
    i win: the lottery in my dreams. :)
    i lose: my cell phone almost everyday
    i never: go a day without peeing 30 times a day
    i confuse: needs with wants often.
    i listen: to my little girl sing and it melts me
    i can usually be found: in the bathroom...peeing
    i am scared: when I see the bill for Lowe's and home depot
    i need: Jesus...daily
    i am happy about: having baby Noah

    April 11, 2008

    Little naked butt

    The other morning I was running late because I woke up Thursday thinking it was Friday and forgot I had to work. When I finally realized that it wasn't my day off, I jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready. When I was finished, I went to wake up Laney and when I opened the door I found a little naked butt sticking up in the air.

    My daughter sleeps on her stomach with her legs curled under her... hence the butt sticking up. She must have been hot and took off her pants and her DIAPER. I ran over to her crib and sure enough the pants and diaper were laying beside her. And she was sleeping in urine! YUCK. I woke her up and put her in the bath tub and then did a bad thing and left her unattended. Did I mention I was running late. Also, there was an inch of water in the tub. I pulled off her sheet, mattress pad, bumper and her two blankets and through them in the wash.

    She loved the idea of getting a bath in the morning since we usually give her one at night. What she didn't realize is that this was not play time in the bath... this was get the stinky urine off you and lets go kind of a bath. Needless to say she wasn't happy when I took her out.

    I tried to explain to a 21 month old that you don't take your diaper off at night when you sleep or any other time unless it's to sit on the potty. She replied, "Yes mommy!" But I knew she had no idea what I was saying. That's ok, the yes mommy melted me so all was forgiven!

    April 10, 2008

    How much water do you drink?

    Ever since the kidney stone, I've realized that I probably never drink enough water in one day that I am supposed to. I was told that I should be drinking 64oz of water a day without a kidney stone and 96 oz with one. I know this is bad but I only drink about 16oz of water a day. I just don't like water. It has no taste what-so-eva! Now I drink about 96 oz a day trying to break up and flush out this kidney stone. I still hate drinking it but if it helps me I'll drink it. Someone should invent flavored water that is actually good for you. Since I can't have splenda...I can't have most flavored waters.

    Just a fun piece of info I found out while vacationing at the Holy Spirit Hospital... If you drink a soda or tea (hot or cold) you should drink the equivalent of that in water. I never knew that, I just assumed that I was drinking liquid so it must be going towards my 64oz I am supposed to be drinking.

    So, I pose a question to you... How much water do you drink in one day? I promise not to judge you!

    April 3, 2008

    Free Getaway!

    Anne Smith over at Casual Elegance told me about this great opportunity and now I am passing it on to you.

    You can win a weekend getaway to Washington DC or Baltimore, MD and who doesn't need a free weekend getaway? Central Penn Parent is having a Family Favorites Contest and you can vote for your favorite children's places and then you are entered into the drawing. It's that easy!

    Of course there is a place for favorite family photographer and you all know who I voted for! So if this interests you at all, head on over to www.centralpennparent.com/famfavs.asp to start voting today!

    Please Pray!

    We need your prayers! Mr. Clean has to go and take a polygraph test for the State Police tomorrow, Friday, April 4th at 6:30 pm. The testing is an hour and a half away and Mr. Clean is really nervous. Please pray that the Lord's peace would cover him. This is another huge step for us towards financial freedom and me being able to stay at home with our children. Not to mention a life long dream of Mr. Cleans! We appreciate all your prayer!

    April 2, 2008


    For a real eye opener check out this website.


    April 1, 2008

    Anne Smith ROCKS!!!!

    My newest nephew Samuel just got his pictures taken by Anne Smith... only the best photographer I know. Go to her bog, Casual Elegance and check out my cutie Samuel boy! Your gonna love her work!

    I am Elinor Dashwood!

    Take the Quiz here!