April 21, 2008

i am

I found this on a random blog that I can't find again to link back to...sorry!

i am: tired
i think: i am ready to have this baby
i know: Mr. Clean loves me
i want: more of Christ
i have: a great life.
i wish: to die daily
i hate: scary movies
i miss: my brother joe
i fear: that i am going to eat an unhealthy lunch!
i feel: insecure in my own body sometimes
i hear: the home schoolers eating lunch right now
i smell: their lunch
i crave: Sonic jalapeƱo burgers
i search: the internet for random stuff
i wonder: how people in NYC take taxi’s with kids
i regret: not making Laney a healthy breakfast this morning.... aren't there eggs in chocolate chip cookies?
i love: sitting on the porch and watching the rain
i ache: ALL OVER
i care: about you
i always: stay up too late.
i am not: looking forward to getting up again to pee
i believe: that Mr. Clean loves me for me
i dance: whenever I can
i sing: in the bath tub
i cry: way too much now... stupid hormones
i don’t always: read my bible every day.
i fight: the desire to think bad thoughts.
i write: very little
i win: the lottery in my dreams. :)
i lose: my cell phone almost everyday
i never: go a day without peeing 30 times a day
i confuse: needs with wants often.
i listen: to my little girl sing and it melts me
i can usually be found: in the bathroom...peeing
i am scared: when I see the bill for Lowe's and home depot
i need: Jesus...daily
i am happy about: having baby Noah


Classic MaMa said...

This was so cute. I think it will be neat for you in about 3 or 4 years to look back on this blog and read your thoughts.

Livin' Life said...

That was great. I am there with you on losing your cell phone everyday. My Knight gets so ticked at me but I always tell him it's not lost it's misplaced. Lost means gone forever and eventually I will find it.

I also laughed at the pee thing. It brings me back to those days. I feel your pain. :)