April 10, 2008

How much water do you drink?

Ever since the kidney stone, I've realized that I probably never drink enough water in one day that I am supposed to. I was told that I should be drinking 64oz of water a day without a kidney stone and 96 oz with one. I know this is bad but I only drink about 16oz of water a day. I just don't like water. It has no taste what-so-eva! Now I drink about 96 oz a day trying to break up and flush out this kidney stone. I still hate drinking it but if it helps me I'll drink it. Someone should invent flavored water that is actually good for you. Since I can't have splenda...I can't have most flavored waters.

Just a fun piece of info I found out while vacationing at the Holy Spirit Hospital... If you drink a soda or tea (hot or cold) you should drink the equivalent of that in water. I never knew that, I just assumed that I was drinking liquid so it must be going towards my 64oz I am supposed to be drinking.

So, I pose a question to you... How much water do you drink in one day? I promise not to judge you!


Hands-Free Heart said...

I don't keep track, but although water is often the only beverage I drink, when I'm at home I don't think I get the full 64 oz, probably 32-48 or so. When I used to work in an office, I drank lots of water... and I tend to drink a lot of water at restaurants and social gatherings too.

When I was pregnant with Fuzzy-Wuzzy, the taste of water made me nauseous. Here's what I did to help... I added just a little juice to my water (like maybe 1 oz per 8 oz glass). It makes the water a little flavored and a little sour. I wouldn't say it tasted great, but it made the water more drinkable for me without having all the calories and sugar of full or even half-strength juice. Another thing you could try is a little bit of herbal mint tea (make strong and use a little in each glass), lemon or lime for your water.

Promises Fulfilled said...

Water is mainly all that I drink too - I think that I must drink at least 64 oz - but I am not positive.

The Gang's All Here! said...

I KNOW I don't drink enough. But decaf, unsweetened beverages count as "water" also, so I often add some lemon juice or lime juice to my water. Or I drink unsweetened iced tea. I love a touch of cranberry juice in my water too, but it's so expensive I rarely buy it.

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope you are resting and recuperating well! And what's the results on Mr.C's state police testings?

Livin' Life said...

Recently I have had to drink water instead of other drinks because of my digestive problems. It was a big switch and I had no idea how much other stuff I was drinking in place of water. Now I probably drink at least 64 oz but I miss the coffee and soda.

Natalie said...

How much water do I drink?

Not nearly enough! Thanks for the reminder.