April 11, 2008

Little naked butt

The other morning I was running late because I woke up Thursday thinking it was Friday and forgot I had to work. When I finally realized that it wasn't my day off, I jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready. When I was finished, I went to wake up Laney and when I opened the door I found a little naked butt sticking up in the air.

My daughter sleeps on her stomach with her legs curled under her... hence the butt sticking up. She must have been hot and took off her pants and her DIAPER. I ran over to her crib and sure enough the pants and diaper were laying beside her. And she was sleeping in urine! YUCK. I woke her up and put her in the bath tub and then did a bad thing and left her unattended. Did I mention I was running late. Also, there was an inch of water in the tub. I pulled off her sheet, mattress pad, bumper and her two blankets and through them in the wash.

She loved the idea of getting a bath in the morning since we usually give her one at night. What she didn't realize is that this was not play time in the bath... this was get the stinky urine off you and lets go kind of a bath. Needless to say she wasn't happy when I took her out.

I tried to explain to a 21 month old that you don't take your diaper off at night when you sleep or any other time unless it's to sit on the potty. She replied, "Yes mommy!" But I knew she had no idea what I was saying. That's ok, the yes mommy melted me so all was forgiven!


Promises Fulfilled said...

I was first of all happy to read that all was well, even though you left her for a moment! The way that I initially read it, I was a little concerned that something has happened!

The other thing that I wanted to encourage you with, is that you would be surprised how much our little kids understand. You just keep reinforcing to her that the pants and diaper stay on at night (or whatever else you are teaching her!), and I believe that she will learn/understand what you are saying! That is what I believe with my kids anyway!

The Gang's All Here! said...

so cute! "yes, mommy!" :)

i'd have melted at the little naked butt :)

Melissa said...

This is why we introduced the shower to our kids when they were newborns! I can't tell you how many times I plopped my kids in a 2 minutes shower to do "damage control"!

That "Yes, Mommy" gets me every time, too. Especially accompanied with a puppy dog pout! I think you handled it well! You can tell her this story one day in the far off future and all laugh about it!

Livin' Life said...

That is just too cute. I love it!!!

Laura Norman said...

haha...i think we all have these moments as mothers. it could have been MUCH worse if you know what i mean. =)i like hearing about your life!