December 20, 2007

I'm so proud!

I was at work the other day asking some of the men what they are getting their wives for Christmas. I was shocked that most of them said that their wives get their own presents, wrap them and put them under the tree. My only response to them at first was "Are you kidding me?" They were all serious and had no clue what their wives tastes were or what to get them.

I have to tell you at that moment I was gleaming with love and admiration for Mr. Clean. He goes out every year and gets me gifts that blow me away. They are what I've wanted as well as surprises. He wraps them himself and puts them under the tree one each day until Christmas.

He surprises me with clothes I would have never picked but look great on me! And this year he let me open one early because he wanted me to use it that day. Can I tell you that my wonderful hubby bought me a new ceramic flat iron for my hair. I talked about getting a new one since I had bought a $9.00 one 2 years ago and it doesn't work that well anymore. I had said that about 6 months ago and he remembered. I was in awe of the simple fact that he listened to me. I also have to add that I am now addicted to straightening my hair.

Does your husband buy you Christmas gifts or do you buy them from him? Please comment and let me know. I am curious to see how many men do their own shopping for Christmas.


Promises Fulfilled said...

My husband also buys my gifts and wraps them, etc. He stresses about it a little bit, but he always does a great job - and as the years go on, he becomes more creative! I would be sad if I had to buy the gifts for myself too! I buy for everyone else - I want something to be a surprise! :)

Melissa said...

I agree with Promises Fulfilled...I buy EVERYTHING else, I even shop for my grandmother, so I need to have something be a surprise! My dear husband buys me my presents and wraps them in creative ways so I can never guess what is inside! He is so cute when it is something he is really excited about....he wants me to open it early!

This year I wasn't very helpful...the only thing I really wanted was a new laptop and my boss already took care of that!

I warned him not to go over $50 so we'll see what he came up with! I would say for every few years he blows me away with the perfect gift, the occasional item makes me go "Huh??". But, I love it anyway because it's from him!

Classic MaMa said...

:) Not-So-Classic does a great job buying me gifts. I can tell that, like Promises' Dawson, he stresses out a bit becasue gift giving isn't really his gift. (Before we were married, he thought a great gift to get people, all people, was a gift card.) He's come a long way!

TCC said...

Simms enjoys shopping for me too. He asks for ideas sometimes but he surprises me every year - and they are good surprises.

Regarding everyone else...that's usually all me. However, periodically, Simms has input on those too.

Hands-Free Heart said...

HotSauce does a good amount of gift shopping. Sometimes he has gotten me something I didn't even think to ask for, but that I would really like to have. He likes to buy me clothes as well. The first years were really scary in this department, but he has gotten better. To get him to know what I like, I used to go through catalogs and circle what I really like and cross off stuff I hated. Then we'd talk about what it is about those items that I liked or didn't like. Sometimes he'd order one of them, especially if they'd go on sale, but mostly it was just about helping him to understand my clothing tastes.

I usually ask him to shop for his parents... usually neither one of us know what to get them! He also shops for his brother. And he often buys things for the kids, whether or not it is an official gift-giving time.

Natalie said...

Well, when I give Jim free reign to "surprise" me I end up with a toaster oven and a new set of tupperware. Many years I've bought a few things for myself, wrapped them and put them under the tree from him. But this year I made a list for him and told him that I wanted everything on the list. Period. No surprises. It's going to be a great Christmas!

The Gang's All Here! said...

The Boss shops for me, wraps it all himself and then proceeds to act as if he's completely exhausted and worn out from it all. It cracks me up. But big kudos to him, because he actually takes out all four kids (and always has since they were old enough to not need to nurse while they were gone!) to help them shop for me too. He is always amazed at the comments he gets from other people - about how brave he is to shop with all four, about how he must have his hands full, etc. He just doesn't get that mentality - that he should have done the shopping alone or just with the older kids. He's great about doing it every year and they all have a blast!

Mama Keller said...

Hey Lady,

I must admit, you are truly lucky.. Mr. Clean is an awesome gift giver! As you know, Big Guy does shop for me at Christmas time, and tries to surprise me each year, usually I figure out what it is, but this year it's a total surprise so far.. I have no idea.. and I like it! I can't wait to hear all about what you got this year!

Love Ya!

Plain and Simple said...

I must be one of the minority bloggers. My DSH & I do not exchange gifts. We started that tradition when money was extremely tight and we could barely get the kids something. Our theory is that if we want something we will go out and buy it for ourselves. I personally would rather spend the money on the kids and other family members than on myself. I am truely a blessed woman. I really don't need much.

Your hair looks awesome! I am totally addicted too!