December 27, 2007

Free Grill

I am so excited that I have to share this blessing. Dan and I had this air purifier that didn't really do what it was supposed to so we decided to take it back to Home Depot and see if they would give us our money back or at least a store credit. They did, even though we had used it. I was shocked and very excited because I now could buy a grill.

I am the griller at my house. Ok, I'm obsessed with grilling and need to attend group meetings! Our grill which was donated to us was 9 years old and it had decided that it wanted to go to grill heaven. Yes, it died. Not only did it die but it decided that it would stop working while I was in the middle of making Mr. Clean Steak and Salmon. I was so mad because I don't like to cook steak or fish on the stove or in the oven.

So, We headed outside to look at the grills and they were on sale big time. I picked out the one I wanted and we still had money left over to buy Mr. Clean a work coat that he has wanted for awhile (he works outside, year round). I was so excited that the whole way home I was singing praises to the Lord for our huge blessing!

When we got home we were looking for food to grill and by we I mean me. If it wasn't 10:15 and I was actually hungry to eat the food I was going to grill then I totally would have. Anywho... I LOVE my new grill and Mr. Clean LOVES being warm so it was a pretty awesome day and we both got blessed!

P.S. Laney Bug was blessed too, she got to go to Home Depot and see all the cool stuff. She loves that place. I swear she is a mini-mr. clean!