May 19, 2007

Hurting Momma

Friday, May 18th I had a root canal done. I've had 2 other root canals done before on the same tooth. 1 out of every 10 become infected... guess who that lucky 1 was... that's right it was me. So having done this before I thought no big deal. WRONG! This one only took 20 minutes to do b/c there is only one root instead of four. So I was in and out of there within 35 minutes.

Everything was fine afterwards. I even went shopping for the Women's Breakfast (June 2 at 8:30 am... cost $7.00) Just thought I would throw that in there in case you had any questions. I was shopping and shopping and shopping. I got so much accomplished. I came home and watched a movie before picking Laney Bug up. The movie was not so good. It wasn't bad, it's just one of those I won't watch again. A movie has to be really good for me to watch it more than once.

Dan got home around 4:00 and we ate dinner together. After dinner we all went to Walmart. Let me just add that I am not a fan of Walmart. Don't get me wrong... the store has everything and it's so convenient but there are so many people and they are all in a hurry and I always end up getting hurt when I go there. Whether it's pushed shoved bumped or ran over with a cart. It always seems to happen to me. So... I am on pain meds walking around Walmart trying to figure out how to work those stupid photo machines. Well, the first one was broken, the second one didn't accept CD's and by the time I got the third one to work... I brought the wrong CD of pictures. So, off to look for an umbrella stroller we went with me miserable and Dan and Laney Bug in their glory. We found them but there was a crowd of people trying to decide which highchair to buy. I mean come on, does it take 6 people to figure that out and when I say, "Excuse me" do you think you could act like a human being was talking to you and just move 12 inched to the left???? Checking out was a nightmare b/c everyone decided to leave when we did so at 8:36pm everyone in the store was checking out with us. We stood in line behind a child who wanted her ball but her mother insisted on holding it until they got to the register so that she could pay for it. Mind you we weren't even close to the conveyor belt. So the child screamed and the mother yelled and I wanted to forget the stroller and go home, but I felt like I should snap out of my grumpy mood and smile at the child. So i did and she calmed down. Thank you Lord!!! Let me add that if you ever see me at Walmart and I look unhappy... PLEASE forgive me.

So we get home and Laney Bug goes right to sleep. And Dan and I decide to watch a movie. We watched Babel. Good movie but really slow and sad. Anyway, I get sick. Sick in my head, sick in my stomach, and pain in my jaw. So, I pray and I am finally able to go to sleep around 1 am.

This morning, I am so sick I have to call my mom to come get Laney Bug so that I can start to feel better b/c there was no way I could have taken care of a 10 month old feeling as bad as I did. So the best mom in the world came over and took her for the day. P.S. Hubby was working.

So now I am well enough to get on my computer and share this story with you. And hopefully this will continue so that I am able to go to church tonight!