May 22, 2007

The battle with my tongue

I grew up in a family were you were cool if you made the grown-ups laugh. So out of insecurity or just plain wanting attention I learned how to joke with people so that everyone would laugh. But what i didn't realize is that I was cutting them down with my words. At that age I didn't know the power my words held.

I struggle with that today. I have been making jokes for so long I have forgotten how to encourage, and when I try I feel so awkward that it usually doesn't last. I do think great things about people. For instance I might love your outfit or your new hair cut but instead of just saying that, I make a joke.

Someone once told me that people listen to what I say and take it to heart... that I have influence. I never really thought about that before. So ever since then I have been trying to just encourage or say what I feel and think rather than crack a joke. Sometimes it better to be uplifting than funny!

I have such a long way to go but I feel like the Lord is really pressing me on this and I am trying with everything inside of me to be known as the encourager not the jokester. Please keep me in prayer as I battle with my tongue.


Classic MaMa said...

I also battle with my tongue so I know how difficult this is. I will most certainly pray for you, dear. 'Cause I agree. People do listen to you. You're very interesting. :)

TCC said...

I definitely had an issue with this and want to encourage you that victory is not an impossibility. I wasn't sarcastic because of my homelife but rather the environment I grew up in. All of the other people. Not that everyone on Long Island is sarcarstic but, in my experience, it was more prevalent there then say central PA. For me it was a means of survival. I didn't realize how "ugly" this trait was until I was in an environment that was lacking the constant exchange of biting remarks. As you lay it down, He will give you the victory and the words that He desires to see flow from your mouth.

Tracy W said...

I know what you mean. I love words, I love sharing my thoughts and I love talking to anyone who wants to talk back. But I falter in that I do it too much, with too much bite and too much bark. This is one of those constant re-visits to the throne, as I'm experiencing it in differing ways as I grow and as I watch my kids grow. I hear things come from their mouths (especially Shaggy, who is like a male me!) and I cringe. Then I try to remember to run to the Cross. My mom told me once to get a picture of how I want to be known (you've articulated that you want to be an encourager), then examine your words and your thoughts and point them daily (for me, hourly!) in that direction. It sounds like you are getting a vision for that - and I'm so glad for you that you choose to confront it now. Victory will be yours, in Jesus name!

Say Anything said...

God is so much greater than your circumstances. My husband and I had an epiphany one day at a marriage retreat that we were hurting each other with sarcasm. We committed to stop, and surprisingly it was much easier than we had anticipated. It felt good to speak encouraging words instead of cutting, "funny" remarks. It changed our marriage drastically. And now, we can do it (for fun) on occasion and get a few good laughs. Be encouraged - God is able!!!