May 14, 2007


Well, it is the day after Mother's Day and I am off of work and Laney Bug is at the sitters and I have the entire day to myself. Now the million dollar question is... what do I do now? I seem to be a bit lost without my family here asking me to do something or in Laney's case making noises and reaching for me. I guess I should start with a cup of coffee and maybe just maybe I will be able to finish it before it gets cold and I have to reheat it a few times. Then I can check my email without a few interruptions. Oh yes then there's my favorite a long hot shower and I can actually shave my whole leg, not just the bottom part b/c i don't have time and I'm wearing capris anyway but the entire leg. Come to think of it, the only thing I can do today that I normally don't get interrupted while I am doing it is the laundry b/c no one wants to do it so they leave me alone in our basement to do laundry. I guess I should get going before my coffee gets cold.


Classic MaMa said...

Welcome to the Bloggy world, my friend! I was wondering how long it would take you to get here. Your blog is great. I look forward to reading more about your daily adventures in Laney Land.
Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You're a dear. ;)

Jim & Natalie said...

Well, well, well. Who do we have here?! We have our ways of sniffing out new bloggers. Welcome to this crazy world. Looking forward to learning more about ya.