June 16, 2009

when is enough enough?

I remember after I had Arkman that I asked someone..."how do you know when you're finished having babies?" I wanted 3 or 4 kids and Mr Clean was good with 2. Well 11 months later Mr Clean and I were taking a trip down to Ikea for some flooring...side note we paid 1.10 a square foot...flooring at Lowes and Home Depot...3.50 a square foot. Anywho... Mr Clean and I got stuck in horrible traffic because there was a truck that was hauling cars that caught on fire. They rerouted us on a side road but I am getting ahead of myself. Since we were stuck in all this traffic we decided to start praying... after prayiong for the truck driver and the clean up crew and everyone we knew... we decided to pray for our family. It went something like this...Lord, you know how many kids we can handle and how many you want to give us...so if we are done with 2 then change my heart and if you want us to have more than change Mr Clean's heart. Lord we want to be on the same page so make our hearts one with yours.

After praying for saftely we were on the little back road when all of a sudden we heard brakes screaching and then a loud crash. We thought someone got rearended but it was a head of us and a car was turning left and didn't see a car coming over the hill and they hit so hard it flipped one of the cars. So we were rerouted again.

After being in the car for almost 4 hours when it should have taken us an hour and a half... we were exhausted by the time we got home.

Well... 2 days later I began feeling like I was done having kids so I got excite dand went to tell Mr Clean that I was happy and content withthe two we had and I was done! Well... Mr Clean is now thinking he wants one or two more! I thought he was kidding me so I laughed but he was serious.

I was like Lord...did you hear us??? We wanted to be on the same page. This is not the same page... we have switched sides.

To this day we are still on a different page so we have just gave it to the Lord...We are NOT trying and if we were to get pregnant...it would totally be God because I am doing everything not to!


Anonymous said...

Maybe this will help ;)

Fathers are People Too.

Maybe using the method like Lucy and Ricky used - sleeping in separate beds?

Promises Fulfilled said...

I don't totally understand the comment that was left, since there are other ways to prevent the egg and sperm meeting...

...anyway, the Lord does know your heart and He will show both of you what He has for the size of your family...

In the meantime, you 2 continue to pray and ask the Lord to bring both of you to the same page - I don't know if that helped at all, but I wanted you to know that I hear you and the Lord does too!