June 24, 2009

One Million Dollars

Have you ever thought about what you would do with One Million Dollars?

Lets just assume you walk away with one million after taxes...what would you do with it? Mr. Clean and I have similar dreams for the money but we don't agree on everything. For instance he wants 3 cars and I thought that is a little absurd since he can only drive one at a time anyway! He then saw the light and agreed with me and then narrowed it down to one but he would keep the car he has now too...since it's paid off.

Here is our list of dreams for the money:

pay off the house...or move to a slightly bigger one
set aside money for college
and set aside money for blessing people randomly
a new car for Mr. Clean
take a family vacation...the whole extended family
maybe if there is any left over...a new purse for me!

I know some people might think this is materialistic or worldly but we love to think of all the people who would be blessed by it. Sometimes we get really excited and start naming families in the church that we would bless and how we could pull it off anonymously. So our prayer is that we would be good stewards of the little money we have now so that when God blesses us financially... we are more than ready to handle it!


CaptivatedByGrace said...

If I had a million dollars, I'm pretty sure I would just fly to Mozambique, go see Heidi Baker, and say, "Use it!"