January 5, 2009

He Believes

About 6 months ago my brother had decided that he didn't believe that people could see angels at CCC. He believes that these people hear from God but he had a hard time believing when he couldn't see them.

Well... Saturday night he came to church and since he left today for Puerto Rico he went up front for prayer. He was blasted by the Presence of God and then he went to Brandon and asked what color his angel was. That in itself was huge but Brandon told him that his angel was orange. That orange stood for intimacy. But then he had two other temporary angels with him as well. One was a warrior angel and the other was a purity angel I believe. The really cool thing is when he went up for prayer... 2 women had prayed over him and they spoke of these two temporary angels.

Needless to say... he believes and he is so excited about what God has for him now. Many years ago when my mother was pregnant with Joe, the Lord spoke a word to her and told her that Joseph would be the only male born to carry on the Parthemore name and that he would change the heritage of the line. I believe he is starting that now and I will continue to pray for him because that is no easy task. He knows he can't do it alone and is totally trusting God to lead him.

So please if you think about it please keep him in prayer!


Classic MaMa said...

That is Krazy Kool! Yay, Joe!!!

TCC said...

Really awesome! Will definitely be praying for your brother.