January 6, 2009

akuma matata

Am I the only mom who has a child who watches the same movie 3-4 times a day? My Laney loves the Lion King and seriously watches it from start to finish 3-4 times a day. She doesn't want to watch anything else. I've tried it all... Beauty and the Beast, Veggie Tales, super book, etc. She loves Simba and even asks random people when we are out shopping if they know where Simba is???? Seriously! I think she needs delivered or maybe I just can't stand to hear the Lion King anymore! Help me, akuma matata isn't even helping.


Classic MaMa said...

We hid Cars from Bubba. If not, then I would have "Life is a Highway" permantently in my head.

They all do that. Scarlett watched Cinderella like a billion times when she was three.

If you need any other movies to bribe the child with, let us know. We have many.

Hands-Free Heart said...

Yep... Fuzzy-Wuzzy can watch Cars every day of the week. At that age, Squiggly-Wiggly watched Finding Nemo just about as much. And we read the same books so often, I've memorized them well enough to recite them in my sleep!

TCC said...

Totally normal but I have to admit I love this movie. Then again, I see a number of spiritual applications and then start talking to my boys about them and asking them questions. I know - crazy - but that's my brain...what can they learn from this is a question I always ask myself.