August 8, 2007

Under Attack

Please pray for me. I have been under spiritual attack the last couple of days. You see I have made the decision to step out and pray for anyone who asks and then some who don't. So, I began by praying for Audit mama's right knee and a couple of days later the pain was gone. I prayed just a few days ago for my husband's right knee and the next morning all the pain was gone. Praise God for taking all their pain away and healing them! 2 days ago I all of a sudden got this pain in my right knee... so bad that I could hardly walk, Mr. Clean had to help get into bed. I knew that this was an attack on me for praying for healing so I rebuked the enemy and claimed healing for myself and thanked God for giving me the courage to overcome and step into His will.

I believe that there will be more attacks on me because I do NOT plan on stopping. I want to be obedient and see how God is healing His people. I am so grateful to be apart of it. So if you think of it please pray for me. I want to accomplish all that God has for me. I know it is not me that is healing these people but totally God. I also believe that there is going to be an outpouring of anointing for healing so be prepared. He is looking for willing, available vessels.


TCC said...

I'm praying for you!

This reminds me of something that happened with King Hezekiah. Not to go into all of it here but if you get the chance, read in II Kings 19, specifically verse 6. Hezekiah came under verbal attack from the enemy (a real physical enemy) and Isaiah is encouraging him in this reference. Tells him to ignore the outrageous blasphemies!

Know that I am praying but also hear this - God will BLESS your obedience!!!

Classic MaMa said...

Not-So-Classic said, "Go Manders!" when I read it to him and I agree: GO MANDERS!!!

Mama Keller said...

You know I'll be praying!! God is so good.. You know the enemy if feeling threatened and that makes you not safe, but dangerous to the enemy!! Praise God!!!

Love Ya!

Naomi said...

You keep pursuing it Amanda. I am very excited for you as you seek to see God's healing power at work. He has much for you and others in it! And He has already shown you that.

Praying for protectino over you.