June 19, 2007

Not so much...

So today the third person asked me when I was due and I replied, "Not so much!" I know I am nowhere near my pre-pregnancy body but come on do I look pregnant? I will give people the benefit of the doubt because Amanda Jodon is pregnant and us having the same first name might throw people off but someone who knows us both asked today.

So now I want to be the biggest loser and lose all this baby fat. Ok, so maybe it's not so much baby fat as it is just plain old fat. I need a plan that works for a working mother. I don't have time during the day so if anyone has any ideas on how to get skinny when you are so busy that sometimes you forget to wear underwear, I would like to know so please share. Don't laugh that has happened to me one too many times. Yes I am so embarrassed to share that and I don't even know why I did. Sorry if you are grossed out by this but I tend to forget a lot ever since I had Laney Bug.

Let me tell you what I have done that doesn't work for me. EXERCISE. No I'm kidding seriously does it look like I exercise? My only exercise consists of walking with Laney about 3 or 4 nights a week and that is not cutting it. I need something that sucks all the fat out of me quick...hmmmm that reminds me of a billboard I pass all the time that advertises for "Lunch Time Lippo" I wonder how I could justify spending money on Lippo to Mr. Clean???? I seriously don't think he'll go for it so I guess I'm stuck working out and eating healthy... the good old fashion way of losing weight.

Maybe I should start a workout night at church or something so I don't have to workout by myself because working out solo is no fun. Let me know if this interest anyone else and maybe I can find out more info and we can have a ladies work out night called "Thighs be gone" or "Love handles don't live her no more"


Melissa said...

Oh my word!

You're gorgeous! Don't fret....go grab a Diet Coke and a Snickers and relax....oh, wait...that's what I do!

If you're planning on ever getting pregnant again, it won't matter much if you lose weight now. Eat less and just try to stay healthy....please don't think you'll ever look like you did before you got pregnant...only .0045% of the mother population ever does. Our bones shift to places they can never return back to and it's worth it, right?

Exercise is good, keep walking, eventually you'll see the difference. You're doing great, don't be discouraged!

Promises Fulfilled said...

You look great! I cannot believe that someone would actually ask you that question - you obviously do not have a prego belly at all! :)

I think that a work out night at the church would be great, but at this moment, I would not be able to join since I am getting a prego belly, and aerobics is something that I have not been doing - I have been trying to walk though!

It is even hard to find the time to exercise as a SAHM - either you are with your child or they are napping and you are trying to get a million things done while they are asleep for a few hours (sometimes that is a nap for me - I am getting over the exhausted phase, but am still tired).

I agree with melissa - you are doing great!

TCC said...

Girl if you set up a workout thingy at church I would so really try to make my schedule free so I could be there. It is so much easier to exercise with someone else!!!

Oh...and I totally agree with the other ladies. You look great and walking is a good thing!

Tracy W said...

Hang in there girl! I have been working out like a maniac at Curves for about 6 -7 weeks now, and am finally getting some noticeable difference going on here. And like Melissa said, you never really can go back. Having lots of fat, happy, godly babies is way more important :) But I feel your pain - and I'm sweating it out the old fashioned way here too.

Plain and Simple said...

My DSH told me all about your day while we were laying in bed last night. First I gasped, then my jaw dropped open in unbelief. You DO NOT look pregnant! What a blow to your self esteem. Again...You DO NOT look pregnant!

I can hook you up with a diet (diet is a bad word these days, it's meal plan now) if you want. Let me know. I put Eric Engle on one and he lost lots of weight!

One Last time...YOU DO NOT LOOK PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Jim & Natalie said...

If you look pregnant, then I must be getting ready to birth triplets!

Classic MaMa said...

:) Shawn wants to join. He's already thinking of tee-shirts with logos. :)

You are lovely. I adore you. You don't look pregnant. You really don't. I'll remind yoiu tomorrow of how beautiful you are.

Say Anything said...

I keep thinking one of these days I'll stick to a plan. I'll run for three days and then not again for two weeks... I'll eat salad at McD's and then the next it'll be a Big Mac.

I did aerobics after Huckleberry and during my entire pregnancy with Chicken Nugget. Now? Not so much. There's no time - and I'm at home - so I applaud you for walking. Even if you aren't seeing the changes on the outside (at least not yet) you are working your heart - and that's a really good thing!

Hang in there - it's a new phase of life where it's more important to be healthy than hot. It just takes time to get over the hot thing.

speakingfreely said...

I would definitely be interested in an exercise group at the church. Even doing something together one night a week would be fun. Let me know if you want to pursue it--I'm not that great with exercise plan ideas, but I LOVE planning in general!