June 26, 2007

Feel Like Swimming?

I have been talking to a lot of people about how God is stretching them and taking them out of their comfort zones. I mean a lot of people... it seems like like at least 3-5 people a day lately me included.

Recently God has called me to the Ministry Team at my church and to tell you the truth I wasn't thrilled. I am just being honest here. I was going to do it but I was NOT excited about it at all. I wasn't looking forward to praying with people...WHAT did I just say??? If you can believe it, it is true. Don't get me wrong, I do like praying with people but this wasn't once in awhile, this is every week! What was running through my mind was, "Lord, what am I going to say?" God is so faithful even when we are being stubborn. This is how the Lord replied, "I will talk, you just open your mouth." I thought well I can't argue with that. So off I went to pray on Saturday night June 23, 2007. I wrote the date so that I can look back and remember it.

I know that God wants to use me and I step out most of the time He asks but why do I hesitate to move out of my C-zone when I know the next level is amazing, I see Him move more and I grow so much from it? I have been asking myself this question a lot over the last couple of months. I feel as though I need to know everything before I do it. Like I can't jump into the pool unless I know when it was cleaned last, how deep is the water and the temperature first. I want to get to the point where I can dive in without reserve, hesitation or questions. To know that God is with me, leading me and that there might be waves and ice cold water but the swim is worth the water in my face and the chill.

So, here's to the jump of faith I chose to make everyday and all the fun stuff that comes with it!


Promises Fulfilled said...

That is so cool to hear how God is stretching you, and you are allowing Him to do it. It is a little "scary" in the beginning, but it is so awesome to know that He will give you the words to say. I know that is what I rely on as well!

Awesome to read this!

TCC said...

This is so awesome to read!

I am so excited about what God is doing in so many lives...including mine.

speakingfreely said...

I noticed you up there with the team on Saturday. I thought that I hadn't noticed you on the ministry team before. It's great that you're being obedient even when you don't understand. I can't wait to read what God teaches you!!