June 21, 2007

Big Red

I would like to take some time to tell you about a girl named Big Red. Big Red grew up with siblings as most of you have, and she is one of the middle children since there are four kids in the family. So really she is the oldest of the middle children. I know growing up she didn't really have a sense of self worth because she didn't know how much God really loved her. She made some bad choices but decided one day that she needed more than this life had to offer her so she surrendered her life to her Lord and Savior and began a walk with Him that makes others envious, including me. Now it's not a bad envious but a jealous envious that makes you want to pursue God with everything inside you. I see the anointing of God all over her in such a way that she can't say no to Him anymore. She steps out and does what He asks when He asks her to. The blessings and provision of God rests upon Big Red and her family of 3 (maybe soon 4????) . I can't help but wonder what all God has in store for her and what huge territories she will win for the Lord all because she is faithful with whatever is given to her, small or large. I personally would have not begun to step out of my comfort zone and pursue God in a whole new way if it wasn't for her, so Big Red... Thank you for being a beautiful example of what God can do when you submit to Him and trust that He knows best! Thank you for being my sister and one of my very best friends. I love you!


the 4 He adores said...

look what i found, wow i don't know what to saw i never knew you saw me like that. i love you soooooo much and you are my best friend thats why i tell you everything you are not just my sister. and Papa has birthed so much more in you and i mean TONS that you don't see but i do, that is why the enemy is after your self worth, he would not attack it if he was not threatened by you. i pray that you begin to step out more in what HE (Papa) gives you, you have prophysied (whatever i can't spell) to me and actually spoken words direct from the heart of Papa, which as much as i DON'T like it at the time it laetr ministers to me. now i am not saying that your only or strongest gift is in a sence correction, thats just for me :) lol (again why i love you so much) but Amanda you have so much more and i don't want this to sound harsh, but for a time i watched you step out and move in your gifts it was awesome and i know you have been busy. but THE BODY NEEDS WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU AND THEY NEED IT NOW.... i love you so much and i think your great, not just cause your my big sis. i made the choise to call you me best friend
love me :)