January 14, 2013

Amazed by His love

I am sitting here writing this...okay rather typing this crying! Happy tears! I am overwhelmed by the Lord's love for me and my family.

Quick backdrop for this amazing story...Dan is unemployed and has been since August. Unemployment runs out at the end of this month. We have submitted over 60 resumes and have had some call backs and interviews but have had closed doors.

Dan went to one company interview and was asked to come back for a second interview and then called in for a third interview with the president of the company. But that door was closed and left us wondering why.

A few weeks ago my parents were in church and they were attending a Sunday school class that had just started. They were taking prayer requests and they asked everyone to pray for Dan and I for a job. Another couple had asked for prayer because the husband was under so much stress from work that it was causing him to become physically ill. My mom was chatting with the women afterwards and it turns out that her husband was working at the company God had closed the door to for Dan. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Sunday night I received a call from my parents telling me they had an envelope for me. It was from their Sunday school class. They had taken up a love offering for Dan and I. WHAT??? Some thoughts running through my head were..."They don't even know us." "We don't go to their church."  "Who are these people?"   and  "WOW, they totally get Your heart Jesus!"

I am still amazed and in awe of their hearts and generousity to a couple they do not know but loved on anyway! Jesus, I so want Your heart for people! I want to love on them at every opportunity I get. Help me to be love everywhere I go!!!!