November 28, 2011

No more slippers for me!

Last Friday the hubs was home sick from work with the flu so that meant I was on duty for taking care of three kids and a sick bigger kid! My Noah came in as usual to snuggle with me in the morning but told me his belly hurt because it was hungry. I told him and his sister to go downstairs and give me 5 minutes to wake up.

After about ten minutes I crawled out of bed and put on my purple fuzzy slippers. I walked over to Kaiden's room to get him up but he was still sleeping (very unusual). So I preceded to head down the steps to make breakfast. The very first step I took I slipped and fell down the whole flight of steps. Before I realized it I was hopping on my rear end and my left arm down to the bottom. I was in so much pain and could barely breath but I looked up to find my hubby right beside me checking me out to find out if I was okay.

The wind was knocked out of me but once I could talk I told him I was sore but fine. He was persistent that I call the doctor so I did and they wanted me to come in to the hospital for observation. My wonderful Father in Love Bob took me in and I was hooked up for 4 hours.

Baby Levi was fine and there was no internal bleeding so after a relaxing 4 hours of being waited on I was sent home to be mom again. Upon my arrival my house was clean and the kids were fed and napping. My poor sick husband was exhausted but insisted on taking care of me! He rocks and I am so grateful for him!

Here is a picture of me relaxing in my beautiful hospital gown :)


TCC said...

So glad you and the baby are okay! After a similar slip down our basement steps - not pregnant and wearing only socks - I'm pretty much barefoot or in shoes when I'm going up and down the stairs now. Oh, and you know this, but Mr. Clean totally rocks!!!

Promises said...

So thankful that you and baby Levi are ok! Your husband is awesome! I have sneakers that are my "house shoes" - I only wear them in the house, that way, I am not tracking dirt around, and I am also less apt to slip!