November 3, 2011

A case of the BLAHS

I have the blahs today and I kind of feel bad for even posting this because seriously there are far more worst things in life then my pathetic mood.

I mean one is sick or dying or even struggling with an severe illness in my family but yet I feel the need to complain. I'm a sad woman I know!

So here it goes....I am sick of whining kids that don't listen, houses that never stay clean, a van that has automatic door that I swear are possessed, husbands that eat the last of everything so when I wake up and want something, I am only left with heartache to find it eaten, a nose that is either clogged or dripping everywhere, a body that doesn't crave salads or healthy food, a face that has wrinkles and lines already, hair that mullets itself no matter how hard I try to style it otherwise, coffee that never stays warm long enough for me to enjoy a whole cup, and last but certainly high on the list...POOP. I am so sick of poop that even wiping my own butt annoys me. (TMI I know but I had to get it out there)

Okay so if you actually stuck around to read this then I am sorry! I am going to stop whining now and start being thankful! So stay tuned for that list :)


Natalie said...

Best post ever! And take heart...many of those blahs will soon pass. Some won't. But many will. The blahs don't last forever!