May 5, 2011


Ok I am going to be completely honest and open here! I pride myself on loving change, and I do! I love changing my hair, my furniture, my rooms, my clothes, my styles, etc. So when the Lord started laying on my heart that a big change was coming, I got excited.

Years have gone by and still no major change. I was stumped by this and thought many times that maybe I missed God. But then so many confirmations were coming in that I quickly believed with everything inside me that a change was a comin'!!!! I can't say what exactly that change is yet but God is starting to stir it up.

A few months ago Dan and I felt as though we were to sell our home. We assumed it was because God was giving us a bigger one, so we began to look at other homes. But then before we could list our home we felt to wait. We didn't understand at that moment but we were obedient.

Months went by and nothing! I mean NOTHING!

Then a few weeks ago God spoke to me to sell our home and rent for a year or two. UMMM Hello Lord...we own a home, why would we rent???? I still don't have an answer BUT I am no longer asking! See, He took my worry, doubt, stress and disbelief and gave me peace and joy for the upcoming unknown!

I'm not kidding when I say I was losing sleep over this in the beginning. I was up all night thinking and worrying about how a family of 5 that was used to running around wild and being loud would fit into renting? I had a chat with my wonderful mother in law, Zory about our transition and she said, "transition stretches us and when something or someone is stretched it hurts." Well, I was disillusioned by thinking this was going to be fun. lol

But now I feel as light as a feather and I am no longer trying to take the reigns...Lord they're all yours! We could use your prayers for the upcoming months. We need a buyer, we need a home in Mechanicsburg school district that's cheap but livable, we need help moving eventually and most importantly we need grace to make it through this season of transition.

We have excellent realtors...maybe you know them...Jason & Tiffany Ruda! If you would like to set up a time to view the house or if you need a realtor please contact them at 717-443-7488. They would love to work with you and make your home buying/selling a great experience!

For more pictures of the house please see...


After His heart said...

The thing to remember is He is before you, leading you! When we sold our old home, we wanted to rent, no more responsibility for everything, but He had other things in mind for us. He will show you the way, just walk in it!!! It will be worth it.....