May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah

I seriously can't believe he is 3 today! Where did the time go? I remember the pregnancy, birth and baby times with my sweet NoNo! The pregnancy was memorable because he had kidney problems and cysts on his brain in the womb and God healed him completely! His birth was scary because he flatlined and I thought they might have to do an emergency C-section but Dr. Daggs got him out and he was perfect! His baby times were tough because he would not sleep through the night until 10 months old and I was one tired mama!

So much has changed since then and I wouldn't take any of it back! He is my little miracle and I love spending time with him. He is the only one out of the three that always wants me and loves to cuddle with his mama!

Happy Birthday sweet Noah...mommy loves you this much(insert outstretched arms here)!


Stacy said...

Awwww.... Happy Birthday Baby NoNo.. so precious.. You are loved!!!

Naomi Hess said...

I seriously cannot believe it either!

Happy Birthday little Noah! Love you buddy