August 20, 2008

Big "Gurl" Bed

So Mr. Clean and I got a little brave yesterday and Laney's big girl bed out of the attic. Laney helped mommy put it together and then looked at me and said, "Mommy I don't like it." I told her that I loved it and it was so cool, then she started to warm up to it. It took maybe about 5 minutes and she was lovin' it. She climbed on and said, "Mommy big gurl bed."

I was at a MIA team meeting last night so poor Mr. Clean had to put her to sleep. When I got home she was sound asleep and he said it was easy. All he did was lay on the floor beside her and rub her little head. He told her that he was proud of her for sleeping in her big girl bed and that she needed to stay on her bed and go to sleep. Well, he must have something I don't because she listened to him.

I have to say I was a bit nervous because she wiggles and rolls all over the place in her crib. Half the time I go in and check on her and both legs are sticking out the side of the crib. But she only woke up once at 6:30am and I told her to go back to sleep because it wasn't time to get up yet. She listened and slept til 9:30am. WooHoo!

Hopefully tonight goes just as smooth!

Baby Laney in her crib!

Big "Gurl" Laney

Big "Gurl" Laney in her Big "Gurl" Bed!


The Gang's All Here! said...

So cute! I love the decor in her room - so fresh and girly :) Yeah for Laney - big girl beds are a big step :)

Classic MaMa said...

:) We had the same exact bed for Scarlett!

TCC said...

She is so adorable.

My hats off to Mr. Clean. Simms definitely is great at taking care of the boys himself at night but I don't think he was ever daring to try something "new" with them without me present. :)

Livin' Life said...

I'm with THE GANG I love her room. We had the same bed for the boys until the older 2 jumped on it with the youngest still in bed and then we had to transfer everyone to big beds. i remember those nights of excitement and frustration as we had to keep putting them back in. So cute!!!