January 11, 2008

Fun at the Farm Show

Last night Mr. Clean and I decided to take Lany Bug to her first Farm Show. At first i thought she was too young to enjoy herself but I found out later that I was wrong. We met Aunt Nisey and cousin Alexa at CCC so we could car pool. We decided to park in the overflow at Elmerton and ride the shuttle bus down. Laney bug has never been on a bus so her mouth was hanging open and she was in awe of the big yellow thing. She kept saying, "WOW" the whole ride.

We headed over to the food first and had our annual pulled pork sandwich, french fries and of course milk shakes! After we were all full and could hardly move we went to walk off dinner and see the animals.

Laney got to pet a cow but as soon as we went to take a picture she started to cry, so we have no picture of her first cow petting. We then moved on to the pigs. Laney is a pig lover at the tender age of 1 1/2 years old. She has the little people farm set at home and loves the little pig. So she squealed when she saw real live pigs.

And to make the night even better we found the piglets!

As we were heading over to see the horses we came across a pet skunk a man had brought. He was sooo cute and friendly and he loved Laney!

Last but not least we rode the carousel. I wasn't sure how Laney would do but she loved it! The whole time I was praying she wouldn't start to cry and scream and want off because I didn't want to ruin the ride for all the other kids. She did great!


TCC said...

I'll never forget my first January in PA - 1990 - and the Farm Show was on the news. Seriously. The news. And they were talking about a butter sculpture and people making shawls from wool!!! All I could think was "Where in the world am I?" because I knew I only drove 5 hours south from New York!

The Gang's All Here! said...

That sounds so fun! We used to take the boys there when they were little. It got too hard to manuever around with three kids and a stroller later. Plus, we usually had gross weather. Not like this week!!

Give Aunt Nisey a hug for me :)

Hands-Free Heart said...

HotSauce took Squiggly-Wiggly and Fuzzy-Wuzzy there last night as well! They both love animals, so they had a good time.

Livin' Life said...

I love your pictures. The farm show was always a favorite of mine when I was young.