January 23, 2008

60 facts about me you probably don't want to know!

First let me apologize for my last post because that is not something I would usually post about but I needed a filler because I couldn't post 59 things about myself... it HAD to be an even number. So, because I really couldn't think of 100 things about me and even struggled with 60 I thought I would spare you 40 useless details of my life. Enjoy!

1. I love being a mommy

2. I married my best friend and I love being his wife.

3. I hate any fruit that is a berry (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)

4. I love all veggies!
5. I love action movies, murder mysteries & romantic comedies
6. Every time I bend my thumbs they crack
7. I have moved 14 times and I am NOT a military child.
8. I love laughing… it’s one of my favorite things to do.
9. I love water…I can swim anywhere… and I mean anywhere!
10. My dream home would be on a huge lake with a boat slip and dock, with mountains in the background
11. Since becoming a mother I no longer like having pets…sorry all you animal lovers.

12. I have to have coffee, unless you want to meet the beast inside me that only comes out when she’s not fed her caffeine.

13. I love free stuff, no matter what it is.
14. I love to bargain shop.
15. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister
16. I am the oldest of 4 children…therefore I am the boss. LOL
17. I was very bossy growing up… what can I say, I was born a leader. At least that’s my excuse.
18. I was saved when I was 8 years old… 8 days after my youngest brother was born.
19. I laugh the hardest when I’m with my sister… we are funny together.
20. My favorite color is green, not a dark green but a sage green.
21. I have owned 5 vehicles in my life so far (85 Nissan Sentra, 92 VW Jetta, 99 VW Jetta, 00 Jeep Cherokee, 03 Saturn L200) In that order
22. My husband took me horse back riding before he proposed to me. We wanted to go back for our 1-year anniversary but the place closed down.
23. I love planning parties!
24. I hate talking on the phone… I like to see the person I’m talking to.
25. I can’t sing at all but took voice lessons.
26. I love to sing while I am taking a bath… not in the shower.
27. I loved giving birth!
28. I have this horrible habit of biting my tongue or the inside of my cheek.
29. I have the smallest bladder on Earth. I seriously pee way too much.
30. My maid of honor lives in the woods and is a naturalist. She used to be like me then after college she met a guy and things went to the woods!
31. I hate shaving my legs but for the sake of others I do.
32. I love change.
33. I let my husband name our first child because he wanted a girl and I wanted a boy, and we had a girl. He did a great job!
34. I love helping my husband do projects around the house but he rarely lets me because I talk too much.
35. I love talking unless I’m in a bad mood or tired.
36. I used to work for an ear doctor...I hate hairy ears!
37. I can belch really loud.
38. I really don’t look good in the color purple.
39. I sometimes wish I could have been born with flawless skin so I wouldn’t have to wear makeup. Ok, I lied I always wish that!
40. I am addicted to food!
41. I seriously love eating food!
42. I have to eat all the small chips first and then the big ones.
43. I hate drinking water
44. I am running out of things about me…
45. I once peed myself laughing while stuck in a tree
46. I blow my nose 12-25 times a day
47. I wash my hands about 36 times a day… I am not a germ-a-phobe… I pee a lot
48. I had colon surgery but was told that they were removing my appendix so imagine my surprise when I woke up and realized my appendix was in my gut.
49. I will be 30 in 2 years… and I am looking forward to it!
50. Right now I am planning 3 baby showers
51. I rock at cartwheels unless I’m pregnant… do NOT try that!
52. Kids love jumping with me on the trampoline.
53. I am going gray at the tender age of 28
54. I have a silverware fetish… I stand and examine the fork or spoon to see if I will like using it. Weird I know but I can’t stop. It helps when people own all the same set cause then I’m ok.
55. I have a bad memory
56. I honestly think I have the smelliest feet on earth… ask my husband, he agrees with that statement.
57. I hate answering the phones and even though I may sound happy I am thoroughly annoyed inside.
58. I have no patience when I drive unless someone else is in the car that I don’t know very well.
59. I love throw blankets (especially the soft fuzzy ones) but Mr. Clean only allows me to have 3 at a time.
60. I really don't like to blog most days but really enjoy reading all your blogs because you are good at it.


Classic MaMa said...

I actually really enjoyed reading these facts about you. :) I hate drinking water too. I wish I didn't 'cause then I could be healthier.

I like it when you blog because I think that you're really good at it. :)

Melissa said...

This was fun to read....we have more in common than I thought especially #11, #12 and being bossy firstborns!

The Gang's All Here! said...

That was fun. I liked hearing about the crazy things I didn't already know. And I heard on Oprah that there's a cool home remedy for stinky feet - something about tea and soaking. Look it up on her site! Mr. Clean might thank me :)

Livin' Life said...

That was great!!! I agree with about 80% of what you said especially the shaving the legs thing.
But I have a question. If you like talking to people face to face rather than telephone how do you feel about blogging? Does that fall under the telephone type situation? Just curious. Loved it!!

Krazy Klingers said...

I thought I'd leave a comment to answer a question and say thanks!

Gang: I looked it up and it is Tepid Iced tea and I will try it and let you know if it works. Thanks!

Livin': I liked to blog at first but I seem to have lost interest in writing. I'd prefer to just read everyone else's.

TCC said...

That was so much fun to read! You crack me up - which is great because I love to laugh too.

On Fire For Jesus said...

Wow! Very interesting. And to think all those times in the past that I would call and you would answer so cheerfully..... you didn't like it!! I'm amazed.

Thrills said...

This was a fun list to read. I now know more about you than I ever thought I would.

I am with you on the blogging. It was fun at first. Now I enjoy reading everyone else's blog and don't usually have time to write my own. Those darn kids just take up so much of my time. LOL!