November 20, 2007


I have been so unmotivated to do anything lately. I can't even muster enough energy to clean my house so my poor husband who works 2 jobs has to come home and clean. I feel bad for him but obviously not bad enough to get up and clean.

I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by Black Friday but I haven't even started yet this year. If you know me that is so unlike me. I don't like waiting to the last minute because then you are running around like everyone else in the world. I hate trying to find a place to park, standing in long lines, people knocking into me, trying to find a toy that's sold out and now I have to pay double on eBay, wrapping ALL my gifts in one day, and baking cookies! I know I sound like Scrooge but I don't enjoy all that junk that comes with Christmas. I LOVE Christmas! But we have made into something it was never supposed to be.

On a lighter note... at least this year I won't bug Mr. Clean everyday to open one of his presents. I get so excited about what I got him that I can't wait for him to open it. He always tells me NO and that I have to wait to Christmas to see him open his presents.


Hands-Free Heart said...

Hey girl... blame it on the baby! Seriously, I've heard that your body is climbing a mountain on the inside while you're pregnant. That's pretty exhausting. Being that you work full-time and are also a mommy to such a young one, you deserve a break!

Soon enough that energy will come, and maybe you can take a quick nap after work and then do late night shopping. When I don't get my Christmas shopping done soon enough, I just shop late. The stores are usually open until 10 or 11pm and they're not that busy.

Melissa said...

I'm praying for you. It is hard to find the strength to make it through a normal day when you're pregnant and have a toddler with a job on top of it, much less all the extra "work" expected from you at Christmas.

Just do what's important to YOU and your beautiful family. Don't stress about the shopping and the cleaning and don't be afraid to ask for help! This, too, shall pass. Trust me on that one!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Oh, Honey! I well remember one particular holiday season like that - I was pregnant with LadyBug and still getting sick every day, even at 22 weeks. Beyond the bare minimums, I couldn't muster the interest or energy for all the hoopla. I spent lots of time on the couch reading stories to the boys and watching Christmas videos from the library with them. Give yourself permission to scale way back this year, take lots of naps and yes, ASK FOR HELP! I'll pray for you. Hugs across the miles!