November 26, 2007

And we have a Christmas Tree!

Last Christmas Laney was only 6 months old and not walking, talking, grabbing, pulling & climbing yet. So we had a real tree and decorated it all pretty. As I was decorating last year I thought to myself that next year we would have to have a smaller tree. So after Christmas we found a 3 foot tree for $5.00. We bought it and put it in our attic.

Last night we decided to get the tree out and decorate it. As Mr. Clean was in the attic i heard him call for me. He sounded excited so I knew he didn't hurt himself up there. That has happened before... too many times! He didn't even wait for me to come to the steps before he shouted, "It's a FIBER-OPTIC TREE!!!!!" And then I responded, Oh?" Not really knowing what that meant.

So we pulled it out, fluffed it up and began to decorate with Laney's ornaments. We decided to put our tree on our buffet and not use any of our decorations but only kid friendly ones. The little $5 tree is so beautiful. It has every color light imaginable on it. And they change colors continually. I could not believe that the Lord had blessed us with this amazing tree. I was so bummed last year at the thought of a little tree that was fake and ugly but the Lord went above and beyond and we didn't even know it.

That just goes to show you how observant Mr. Clean and I are! Oh and Laney loved the tree! She just sat there in awe.


Plain and Simple said...

We have just this year graduated to having a tree on the floor. We, like you did the small tree on a table thing for, let's see, 7 years. Last year we were blessed with an amazing 6' artificial tree from a family member.

At the time she gave it to us, I was really bummed. The tradition in my house was to go out and look for the perfect tree. When I say perfect, I mean it really and truely looked like a Charlie Brown tree. Ask my DSH. He'll tell you. I grew up on a farm and we would go into our woods and find the perfect tree. I never knew any better. I even MADE my DSH do it our first year of marriage. It was so bad that the branches couldn't even hold glass balls.
Anyway, back to my point...I feel really blessed now that it's up and decorated. It's georgeous. Can a tree be georgeous?

Just wait until Laney can help you decorate. All of your ornaments will be in one spot on the bottom of the tree.

Naomi said...

YAY for Christmas and all that it entails!
I'll have to see this tree of yours sometime :0)